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 Stereotyping Eth125 Essay
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  • 16.08.2019

Eth/125 Cultural Diversity


ETH/125 Cultural Selection

Rebecca Terpstra


Christine Miller

Part 1: Meanings

Stereotypes; they are unreliable and exaggerated generalizations about all members of your group which experts claim not take directly into account the individual's differences. (Schaefer, 2012)

Prejudice; " is a negative attitude that rejects a whole group of people, such as racial or ethnic community. ” (Schaefer, 2012)

Labels Theory; can be described as sociological theory that attempts to explain so why certain individuals are regarded as deviants while others whom engage in the same behavior aren't. (Schaefer, 2012)

Part two: Identity Categories

Religious stereotypes; Stereotypes differ from religion to religion yet here are a few examples; All Muslims are terrorists. Catholic priests are all kid molesters, Jews are considered to be tightwads using their money. Ethnicity stereotypes; Africa Americans may commit crimes than light people. Photography equipment Americans can only succeed in sporting activities. All white people are hurtful. Disability; a few of the stereotypes pertaining to disabled folks are they are all emotionally retarded. They may be not successful or capable to provide virtually any worthwhile in order to society. They can be an economical drain on world by being about Social Protection.

Part 3: Questions

Exactly what the positive areas of the stereotypes, if any kind of?

You will find no positive aspects to stereotyping. Stereotyping is only generalizations and unreliable views based on a whole group of people diverse from you. It is far from based on person differences. It only damages you and others. It does not benefit anyone. Exactly what are the adverse aspects of stereotypes?

Stereotyping influences people on how that they see themselves and it affects the way we connect to others. There were a study made by University of Arizona helper professor of Psychology Toni Schmader and Jeff Natural stone an associate mentor from the same department that suggested that just by staying...

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