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1 . Theme: Atithidevo Bhavah


Atithidevo Bhavah is a sentirse in Sanskrit. It means to consider the guest as god. This statement is drawn from a historical scripture that can be the diathesis of Of india culture. Recently, this verse has found the place in the tagline of Ministry of Tourism in order to improve the take care of the foreign travelers visiting the country due to the acceptance the country offers gained in the recent times like a popular and favorite traveler destination.

The idea of Atithidevo bhav is deep rooted inside our Indian traditions and is carried forward with same spirit as it accustomed to in historic times. The text gives a tip into the quantity of foreign visitors arrivals in India during different periods which is reinforced with data. The concept as well gets strong when the research shows that tourists of all age groups from throughout the world love to visit India.

India is a amazing country abundant in diversity. The majestic Himalayas, the gleaming ocean, the dry wilderness, the dancing river, the enticing lakes or the marvelous back waters, all appeal to mother nature lovers. People come from remote countries to a new amazing vision of glory of nature. Their rich history, cultural and geographical diversity makes it a major international tourism interest. There are many locations which catch the attention of the interest in the tourists in India. Many foreign tourists from different parts of the world come to research the natural and the heritage natural beauty of this Land. Tourists arrive for different uses such as wedding ceremonies, shopping, travel and leisure, business, education, adventure, family members reunions, etc .

Seasonality in Foreign Traveler Arrivals in India

India experiences three major months - Winter,

Summer and Monsoon.

This year over half a dozen lakh vacationers had stopped at

various holiday destinations such as Agra,

Jaipur, Udaipur, Kashmir valley, Goa, Mysore

and Thiruvanantha-puram in the winter


In 2012, the minimum range of foreign

vacationers visited India during the month of May possibly

and maximum during the a few months of January.


The following graph clearly shows that the best FTAs in India were in October-December and January-March during 2012.

India can be ranked since the thirty eighth country on the globe in terms of international tourist landings. The most displayed countries are definitely the United Kingdom and the United States. News Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi were the most popular declares for overseas tourists. Household tourists visited the says of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu most frequently.

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Agra have been the four most visited cities of India simply by foreign visitors during the year 2012. Worldwide, Chennai is placed 41 by the number of foreign tourists, although Delhi can be ranked for 50, Mumbai at 57, Agra by 65 and Kolkata by 99.


Table–1: Gross annual Report 2011-12, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India Ideal Miracles of India

Taj Mahal (also " the Taj" ), constructed

by the Mughal emperor Shah

Jahan in memory of his queen

Mumtaz Mahal is the peak

of Mughal architecture.

The Harmandir Sahib (The Tawang Monestry located at

property of God) Golden Temple Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

was founded by simply Merak Suram

Lodre Gyatso in the year 168081. The identity Tawang means

Chosen Horse.


International Tourists Landings (FTAs) in India

It is usually observed obviously that the FTAs in India have been elevating from all regions in the past year 2012. The growth was optimum from Far eastern Europe and then Africa, East Asia, Quotes, Central and South America.

Table-2: Number of FTAs from different regions of the world (in lakhs approximately) Region/ Country

East Europe


East Asia


Central and

South America




forty seven









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