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Twelve Furious Men

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unanimous – complete contract with no 1 dissenting

refugee –

a person who flees a single country and seeks protection somewhere else un – a train of the identical design like a subway train that operates on songs elevated a number of stories previously mentioned street level.

retire – to keep the wide open court to attend a private room

calculus – a complicated mathematical process

belligerently – in a hostile or perhaps angry method

monopoly – the exclusive ownership of a business

change knife – more commonly called switchblade, one whose spring-loaded blade is definitely concealed inside the body of the knife

proposition – a deal; bargain

arguing – fighting

mugging – a physical attack to take funds or products from another person breeding earth – a location that feeds and nourishes the growth of what is born there cheap – poor and slender

1 . In your own words, point out what instructions the judge gives for the jurors. How many jurors must have your vote guilty for the charged to be found guilty?

The assess tells all of them that in the event they have sensible doubt, they have to declare the defendant not guilty. All 14 must vote unanimously; or else, there will be not any verdict, and the result is a hung court, which means there is another trial.

2 . Ahead of the jurors happen to be locked in their room, precisely what is the last thing they will hear that may influence their very own thinking when deciding the defendant's sense of guilt or chasteness? What the Assess says for the Jurors.

a few Describe the staging with this play and indicate what mood the staging produces. (In conjunction with the established, mention something special in the weather and temp of the arranged. ) The stage is set as a simple, drab place with merely one window. The sole furniture is known as a table and twelve direct wooden ergonomic chairs. It is a simple, drab place that is most likely depressing, possibly in very good circumstances. When needed depicted, it really is hot and stuffy, later in the afternoon, and everyone is definitely tired and uncomfortable.

5. Of precisely what is the defendant accused and what facts is there against him?

A man can be accused of murdering his father.

a. The tough weapon looks like a cutting knife that he previously, but statements to have lost. b. He has been in problems with the legislation himself and has served time for participating in a cutting knife fight.

c. The woman across the street claims to obtain seen the boy undertake it. d. The man downstairs claims to have read the boy threaten and stab his father. The person also promises to have reached his door in time to see the boy rundown the stairs.

your five. Who is the protagonist through this play and what is this individual doing whenever we first observe him? Juror Eight is definitely the protagonist. Once we first find him, he could be staring considerately out of the windows.

6. Who it show up will be his major antagonist? How is antagonist differentiated from the other jurors?

Juror Three can be loud, bossy, and give out your opinion to someone else, and will probably take opposition for the protagonist.

several. What will be the explanation of the issue between the leading part and villain? On the area they are fighting about the guilt in the boy. This later turns into, however , a personality conflict and a spat about justice and fairness.

8. To quickly identify and distinguish among his characters, Went up uses a number of stereotypes. Identify at least three of those.

1 . The foreman features the type who takes specialist seriously and is also impressed together with his own importance in his position.

2 . Juror Two is known as a meek, quiet man.

3. Juror 3 is a high in volume man with strong views, is not really easily affected, shows signs of sadism, and is also intolerant of others' thoughts.

4. Juror Four can be described as self-confident entrepreneur. He seems to think him self superior to others and is interested only in facts and how they mount up.

5. Juror Five can be described as good-hearted, poor, young man, who also grew up inside the slums. six. Juror Six is a blue-collar type; genuine but plodding.

7. Juror Seven is known as a loud, flashy salesman.

almost 8. Juror Ten is the kind of man who is fair, innovative, and i implore you to; he considers the hard existence of the offender as a aspect....

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