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 A Study about Global Positioning Essay

Seoul Journal of Business

Quantity 18, Number 1 (June 2012)

A Study in Global Positioning in Cool product

Development among Small and Medium-Sized Firms*


Korea University

Seoul, Korea


Yonsei University

Seoul, Korea


Yonsei University or college

Seoul, Korea


Although many small and middle-sized enterprises are entering into rising markets to satisfy diverse buyer needs, limited attention has been produced to global orientation in new product creation among these types of small and middle-sized enterprises in emerging marketplaces. In order to find the antecedents and consequences on this managerial worth, we have designed and tested a model of worldwide orientation in new product creation among small and middle-sized companies. Specifically, all of us hypothesize that customer orientation and long term focus include a positive affect on the global orientation among small and middle-sized enterprises, which in turn has a positive effect on functionality. Data collected from 482 firms helps the unit. Theoretical and managerial ramifications are talked about. Keywords: Global orientation in new product advancement, Customer orientation; Long-term target



This Research is Supported by Sanhak Foundation Exploration Grant this year. First Publisher. Professor, Korea University Business School, Korea University. Seoul, Korea.

*** Correspondent Writer. Assistant Mentor, Yonsei College of Business, Yonsei College or university. Seoul, Korea.

**** Coauthor. Professor, Yonsei School of Business, Yonsei University. Seoul, Korea.


Seoul Journal of Business


With rapid growth towards the positive effect in the marketplace, many firms include adopted global orientation in new product development, c onsidering a homogenous or related set of consumers across various markets in the first place. Global orientation in cool product development can be described as firm's strategy to target identical set of consumers across multiple markets and to make marketing decisions on a global basis (Quelch and Knoop 2006). Right from the start stage of product development, firms adopt global orientation in new product advancement for creation efficiency, quick market admittance, and better financial performances (Eppinger and Chitkara 2006; Filatotchev ain al. 2009; Kotabe and Helsen 08; Quelch and Knoop 2006; Zhou ou al. 2007).

The focus with this study is always to develop a model of global positioning in cool product development, specifically in the circumstance of small , and medium-sized businesses in growing markets. Global orientation in new product advancement is a firm's value achievable product development w ith global customers at heart (Filatotchev ou al. 2009; Hamel and Prahalad 1994; Quelch and Knoop 2006). In order to undertake and put into practice global orientation in new product development, firms need to be attentive to the needs of the clients across different markets. In addition , globally focused firms require a long term commitment for the various markets. Given that global orientation needs a significant volume of determination to various client segments on the long period of time, our conceptual model posits that long-term orientation and customer orientation are the factors that influence global alignment in developing new products. Inspite of some earlier studies upon global orientation, most of which can be done in the developed countries (Keegan 1969; Wind 1977). We still have a limited understanding global alignment in cool product development amongst small and medium-sized firms. Problem still is still: What would be the effect of buyer orientation and long-term give attention to the adoption of global alignment in producing new product advancement? What are the performance effects of global positioning in new product development?

The primary purpose of this paper, therefore , is to develop and test a model on global positioning among small and medium-sized firms in the emerging markets. Led by new advancements in


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