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 Essay upon Was the SantanderAbbey National Control Successful?

Santander/Abbey National

Buyer: Bajio Santander

2. Spanish.

* Largest bank in the Eurozone

* Procedures throughout Europe, Latin America, and the USA * Planet's largest network of branches

2. 90 million customers

Concentrate on: Abbey National

* British PLC, past building society.

* Talk about price of Abbey National declined little by little over 5 years, partly due to a disastrous expense in low cost loans. A serious reorganisation from the business was announced in 2003.

Year| September 2004

Integration| Horizontal

Geography| Cross-Border

Value| ВЈ8 BN

Deal Type| Takeover

More recently Santander bought Alliance & Leicester (ВЈ1. 3 Billion) and Bradford & Bingley (ВЈ612 million) > > > increased Synergy, Santander is aiming to save ВЈ180 mil from adding the three businesses. Cross-Border deals now be the cause of 25% coming from all M& A's


‘The purchase of Abbey will create worth for Grupo Santander Shareholders and at the same time gain our buyers and employees' * Santander's chairman, Emilio Botin

‘Santander will develop our traditions, and provide the support and know how to increase the speed of our programs and ambitions in the UK. Underneath Santander's control, Abbey will certainly emerge as being a stronger, even more competitive pressure on the high street. * Abbey's Chairman, God Burns

‘I believe this offer signifies incredible awful value pertaining to shareholders. ' * Anto Nolan, Aktionar

BP. 1 Merger Motives

The Abbey takeover created the initially bank inside the Eurozone simply by market capitilization. Banco Santander saw the acquisition because an attempt to:

* Diversify and expand their business stock portfolio. Made Santander a global gamer with a varied business stock portfolio both geographically and by organization. * Your UK financial market. Europe's largest and most profitable one particular (even in the event the most competitive) Santander desired to build on Abbey's existing occurrence and increase its business. * Produce value...

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