Abstract Expressionists of the 19th Century

 Abstract Expressionists of the nineteenth Century Article

Abstract Expressionists of the nineteenth Century – Canvas/Painting

Number 1


The Glazier

Willem de Kooning

Art work

The Metropolitan Museum of Skill

Willem de Kooning's The Glazier, is a great abstract expressionist painting from the 19th Century. De Kooning's use of a figurative subject in The Glazier, makes it significantly less mainstream fuzy expressionism, a location in which having been seen as a leader. The Somber earth shades and ambiguous use of space give the piece of art a secret feel. Selected portions with the painting are extremely easy to recognize and are well structured, for example the table masking, the classic vase, the face, right shoulder, as well as the trousers. When other areas in the paining, such as the head, hands and hands, seem to fade away into bedding of color.

Determine 2



Philip Guston

Art work

The Estate of Philip Guston

Philip Guston's Gladiators is definitely an abstract expressionist portrait in which Guston applied a social-realistic design that was often preferred by left-leaning artists about the 1930s. As the modeling is very pronounced and a strong illusion of depth and volume level, the colors and shapes of the objects, provide the painting a cartoonish experience. The picture depicts conflict, although does not evidently articulate which usually subjects are the victimizers and which ones are definitely the victims. All the subject's faces are protected; not to become identified. It's almost as though the artist, Philip Guston, is struggling with is his own id and whether or not he is a victim or victimizer.

Figure a few


Symphony No . one particular The Transcendental

Richard Pousette – Dart

Art work

The Metropolitan Museum of Artwork

Symphony #1, The Transcendental, can be mural size example of an Abstract Expressionism in the 19th Century. The task has a grid that ranges across the fabric and shows up sporadically through the painting. Pousette – Dart breaks away from the cubist framework to include expensive diamonds, circles, ovals, arcs, teardrops and passes across. Occasionally, you are able to almost make out an object, possibly a parrot in the lower left or possibly a flower inside the lower correct. The main grid and designs are very evident and obviously outlined, nevertheless , the image all together seems to move in and out of focus probably because Pousette-Dart wanted a piece of art that was " mysterious and transcending, but solid and real. ”

Number 4



Arshile Gorky


The Estate of Arshile Gorky

Arshile Gorky experienced a lot of tragic events in his existence, including a flames in his studio room, a serious car accident, and malignancy. The title with this painting, Pain, and the utilization of smoldering reds and suggests that the Gorky was shifting his personal pain on the painting. Majority of the canvas is engulfed in red, perhaps flames. Left you can make out a man, his face smudged black. Although Arshile Gorky's life unfortunately ended if he took his own lifestyle in 1948, his art had a deep impact on the art community and he could be remembered among the first summary expressionists.

Figure a few


Fall River (Number 30)

Jackson Pollack

Piece of art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pollacks, Fall River (Number 30), is usually an Fuzy Expressionist " drip” piece of art. Drip piece of art was a fresh approach that Pollack recommended where thinned paint was applied to un-stretched and unprimed canvas that lay toned on the floor rather than on an easel. Pollack employed various ways to apply the paint for the canvas, which include flicking, leaking, splattering, and using non-traditional tools like knives and towels, rather than paint brushes. The Autumn Riv is 207 inches wide. The setting is a bis tone protected in black and white swirls, lines, and drops. You cannot find any significant vocal point with the painting; every part of the painting is similarly significant.

Figure 6


No . 13 (White, Red, upon Yellow)

Indicate Rothko

Art work

The City Museum of Art

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