An Argument For Capital Punishment

 Essay on An Argument Pertaining to Capital Abuse

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AnВ ArgumentВ forВ CapitalВ PunishmentВ

CapitalВ punishmentВ hasВ beenВ aroundВ sinceВ theВ beginningВ ofВ history. В ItВ canВ beВ datedВ allВ theВ wayВ backВ toВ aВ partВ ofВ Hammurabi'sВ code, В oneВ ofВ theВ earliestВ recordsВ ofВ writtenВ law, В thatВ states: В " IfВ anyВ oneВ stealsВ theВ minorВ sonВ ofВ another, В heВ shallВ beВ putВ toВ death” (EAWCВ Anthology). В ThatВ isВ justВ oneВ instanceВ ofВ capitalВ punishment, В butВ thereВ areВ manyВ more. В AlmostВ allВ ancientВ civilizationsВ hadВ someВ formВ ofВ capitalВ punishment. В ItВ isВ onlyВ recentlyВ thatВ peopleВ areВ goingВ awayВ fromВ theВ oldВ practice. В Today, В accordingВ toВ Wikipedia, В thirtyВ­sixВ independentВ countries, В eighteenВ percent, В thatВ areВ eitherВ UNВ membersВ orВ haveВ UNВ observerВ statusВ stillВ practiceВ theВ deathВ penalty​. В ThatВ numberВ jumpsВ upВ toВ seventyВ­twoВ forВ

countries that still have capital punishment for some crime ​ (​

WikipediaВ contributors). В TheВ UnitedВ StatesВ

falls in the first group,  and because of their continued practice a debate has sprung up on whether they should abolish it.  There is a growing support to abolish the practice,  but based on moral arguments,  that will be expounded later,  the United States should keep the death penalty.  The people who are against the death penalty say that capital punishment is just " legalized murder. "  Following the same logic,  would not fines be legalized stealing because the government is taking money from people,  and would not imprisonment be legalized kidnapping?  There is a difference between the punishment of a crime and the crime itself.   Ernest Van Den Haag,  a professor of criminal justice at Suny,  Albany,  and also the author of ​ Punishing Criminal​

s, В wroteВ anВ articleВ aboutВ capitalВ

punishment in the newspaper,  ​

The National Review​

. В InВ hisВ articleВ heВ said, В " TheВ differenceВ betweenВ crimesВ andВ lawfulВ acts, В includingВ punishments, В isВ notВ physical, В butВ legal” (VanВ DenВ Haag). В TheВ peopleВ ofВ theВ UnitedВ StatesВ giveВ authorityВ toВ theВ governmentВ toВ doВ certainВ thingsВ thatВ theВ peopleВ cannotВ do. В


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One of those is capital punishment.  A single person,  with no power vested in them by anyone but themselves,  cannot go out and murder someone,  even if the person they are killing deserves to die.  On the other hand,  if that first person was an official of the state,  and the person whom he was killing had already been determined to be guilty and the death penalty been sentenced,  it would be absolutely within his power to execute.  That is the difference between murder and capital punishment.   Another reason why people want capital punishment abolished is that they think that it is cruel and unusual.  They argue that killing anyone,  in any manner,  is cruel,  and should not happen.  To give credence to their argument,  they cite the botched executions that have happen in the United States.   One of the more famous botched cases of capital punishment is the execution of  Joseph Rudolph Wood,  the Second,  whose execution was the longest one in the history of the United States.   Michael Kiefer,  a reporter for ​

The Republic​

andВ eyeВ witnessВ toВ theВ executionВ saidВ WoodВ В " ​ gulpedВ likeВ aВ fishВ onВ land... TheВ

mouth opened,  the chest rose,  the stomach convulsed” (Kiefer).  Wood's execution was unnecessarily cruel,  and could even be called gruesome,  and the most likely reason why the execution was messed up is probably because of the drug shortage the United States is facing.  According to German Lopez,  a writer for ​


, В theВ shortageВ beganВ aroundВ 2010В whenВ theВ EuropeanВ producersВ ofВ theВ drugsВ neededВ forВ lethalВ injectionВ beganВ toВ refuseВ supplyВ theВ UnitedВ StatesВ withВ theВ drugs. В TheyВ didВ thisВ becauseВ ofВ mountingВ pressuresВ ofВ otherВ EuropeanВ countries, В mostВ ofВ whichВ areВ againstВ capitalВ punishment. В В ThatВ bringsВ upВ theВ questionВ ofВ whetherВ orВ notВ theВ drugВ shortageВ isВ theВ reasonВ whyВ moreВ executionsВ areВ beingВ botched. В LopezВ quotesВ someВ ofВ AustinВ Sarat'sВ book,  ​ GruesomeВ Spectacles: В...

Mentioned: VanВ DenВ Haag, В Ernest. В " NewВ ArgumentsВ AgainstВ CapitalВ Punishment?. " В NationalВ В ReviewВ 37. 2В (1985): В

33­35.  ​


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