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Criticism of Apple Inc.

Apple. has received criticism for the use of sweatshop labor, environmental destruction, and unethical business practices.

In addition , it has been criticized for its litigious legal policy of suing before initial gathering all of the facts important to pursue a legitimate lawsuit.

Claims of anti-competitive behavior


There has been critique of the i phone and the ipod touch being locked into iTunes and creating an iTunes Store monopoly for these devices. Similarly, Apple has not qualified its FairPlay DRM system to any various other company, protecting against content purchased from the iTunes store getting used on additional manufacturers' gadgets. As of The spring 2009, all music on the iTunes Retail outlet is DRM-free. However , that is not apply to different content.


Apple was caught up in controversy regarding the online product sales of music in the European Union where, as a single marketplace, customers are free to purchase goods and services from virtually any member condition. ITunes Retailers there required consumers and other music buyers to iTunes-only sites by simply restricting content purchases for the country from which the customers' payment specifics originated, which in turn forced users in some countries to pay out higher rates. On December 3, 2005 the Uk Office of Fair Trading referred the iTunes Music Store towards the European Commission for infringement of EU free-trade legislation. Apple left a comment that they did not believe they will violated EU law, nevertheless were constrained by legal limits for the rights approved to these people by the music labels and publishers. COMPUTER World left a comment that it made an appearance " the Commission's key target can be not Apple but the music companies and music rights agencies, which in turn work on a national basis and give Apple very little choice but to provide national stores”.

Google Tone of voice controversy

Apple has been belittled over seeking to prevent i phone users from using the Yahoo Voice app by circumventing it for the iPhone. Apple declined to approve the Google software for use within the iPhone, claiming that the software altered i phone intended features, i. electronic., that with Google tone installation, voicemail message is no longer routed to the iPhone's native software Visual Voicemail message but instead is routed through Google's application, thus " ruining” the iPhone user encounter. This triggered controversy among iPhone designers and users, and the Usa Federal Sales and marketing communications Commission (FCC) began examining Apple's active decision to deny users' ability to install Google Words from the Apple online store by where users routinely download and install iPhone applications.

Antitrust problem with Adobe Display and i phone OS controversy

With the launch of i phone OS 5. 0 SDK, Apple changed its terms of service to stop programs which can be originally written in non-Apple approved languages from being utilized on the i phone. This was belittled for being anti-competitive by disallowing use of Paving material Flash and other programs around the iPhone. The modern York Moments quoted an Adobe staff alleging the policy being anti-competitive. On May 3, 2010, Ars Technica and The New york city Post reported the US National Trade Commission payment (FTC) as well as the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) are deciding which firm will release an antitrust investigation into the matter.

The controversy over Apple's changes to section 3. 3. one of the iPhone SDK license agreement erupted following John Gruber's April almost eight, 2010 Exciting Fireball writing entitled, New iPhone Creator Agreement ?uvre the Use of Adobe's Flash-to-iPhone. Good opposition to Apple's license changes spread quickly with bloggers and more. Others had been quick to make note of that the vocabulary used in the agreement likewise banned additional developer tools including MonoTouch, Lua, Unity3D, and many others.

Selling price switching

Apple has been criticized for post-launch price alterations, most notably following your price with the iPhone was reduced by $200 only two months after its relieve, resulting in a flood...

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