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 Artemisia Gentileshi Essay

Art one hundred and eighty – Created Assignment – Textbook web page 387

Writer: Artemisia Gentileshi

Painting: Judith and Maidservant with the Brain of Holofernes. 1625

About the art work

Judith and Maidservant together with the Head of Holofernes, circa 1625, is one of several works of art depicted simply by numerous authors about Judith, the fearless widow in the Book of Judith in the Old Testament. Artemisia Gentileschi herself colored four moments of Judith's story. Judith was a good Jewish princess, chosen by simply God, in order to save the Israelite town of Bethulia coming from an army duress commanded by Assyrian Basic Holofernes. Judith, accompanied by her maidservant, Perroquet, went to the campsite to find Holofernes and after using her seductive natural beauty, got him drunk and decapitated him with his individual sword when he slept. Presence in this painting is the heart of the episode. The visitors are inescapably occupied in the action. The nervousness of the sight is usually contagious. The first work is situated at The Detroit Institute of Art and measures 6' ½” Back button 4' six ¾”.

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About the Artist

Artemisia Gentileshi, 1593-1654, was no ordinary girl for her occasions. Her father was a famous painter known as Orazio Gentileshi, from which she inherited her amazing talent for the arts. Most of Artemisia's job was encouraged by the project of positive, martyrs, heroic and strong females in the mythology, time-honored literature plus the bible. Becoming a victim their self of rasurado, her fondness of feminine dominance is definitely remarkably present generally in her work. About this analysis

Although the topic of this piece of art is to some extent macabre, the realism, seeing that we can almost feel the anxiety about Judith and Ara of being discovered; and also story lurking behind the author and Judith, pull my fascination and enchantment to attempt this analysis of its image elements and principles of design. The Visual Elements and Guidelines of Style


The artist used proficiently, traditional actual lines to make a dramatic center point in the form of a curtain in the upper right corner. The extended, soft but rather bold and thick lines that give form to a hefty curtain are accentuated by additional smaller wavy lines that suggest a delicate, nevertheless very bulky velvety consistency in the curtain's fabric. Implied lines are also used by Artemisia. Judith and Ara are both starring apart nervously, suggesting their anxiety about some kind of hazard, maybe the appearance of a member of Holofernes' army to take these people prisoners. The implied brand of Judith's left hand is elevated to her front as showing us the girl with unable to find in the dark. Intended lines double to immediate our awareness of Judith's proper hand, which is still holding the sword down, with the " S” shaped handle right on top of Holofernes' severed head. Artemisia chose a great aggressive straight line approach that denotes and promotes strength in Judith and description the realistic forms of the subject matters.


Gentileschi used naturalistic (or representational), shapes and also traditional form in her version of Judith and Maidservant with all the Head of Holofernes. Artemisia applies the application of shape in this composition being a mean to imitate the real world. Artemisia was obviously a master with the human kind that are always well defined on her arrangement and depicts the beauty concepts of her time. As a two-dimensional portrait the darkness around Judith and Perroquet are the pre-set boundaries and give the make up a sense of continuation beyond the canvas.

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Lighting plays an important position in this work of art. The relaxing nature in the painting, the developing theatre, the women dread and puzzle, the terrible act committed, all these elements called for the best technique to enhance this formula, chiaroscuro. Artemisia's work was greatly motivated by a popular painter, Caravaggio, a pioneer of the contrasto technique. This method is applied widely with this work for a two-dimensional...

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