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 Baldwin Bicycle Essay

Circumstance Summary:

Baldwin Bicycle Organization has extended history that manufactures bicycles. Presently, they receive a Challenger package from Hi-Valu. This pitch contains a lot of special requirements such as to have larger inventory, sell at lower price, and possess " Challenger” name on bicycle auto tires. Suzanne Leister, marketing vp of Baldwin Bicycle Organization, is considering whether or not to take this proposal. The issues will be listed below:

The Relevant Expense of Manufacturing a Challenger Bike| В Cost analysis| The Relevant Expense of Working Capital Investments| Relevant price analysis | The Relevant Erosion Charge| В Profit analysis

The Incremental Return on Investment | Percentage analysis; pregressive ROI| The Cash Flow Implication | Inventory analysis

Baldwin's Financial Situation at the end of 1982| Economical ratio research | Baldwin's Strategic location at the end of 1982| Strategic analysis

1 . The " Relevant” Cost of Developing a Challenger Bike

The relevant cost to manufacture a Challenger motorcycle includes the material, labor as well as the variable development overhead cost. As shown in Exhibit 2 (1), the adjustable production expense is about 45 percent of total production overhead, which can be $24. 50. Even though there exists a One-time added costs about $5, 1000, it is not included because it is the sunk expense that occurs to get only once, and regards as an unimportant cost to make each unit of bike. The table beneath shows that the total relevant expense is $69. 20.

Materials| $39. 80

Labor | $19. 60

Variable Over head | $9. 80

Total Adjustable Cost [40%*24. 50] | $69. 20

installment payments on your The " Relevant” Cost of Carrying the Working Capital Assets

The relevant cost of carrying the working capital expenditure is the varying cost of any added assets in generating the Challenger bikes. The sole additional property is the added inventories inside the Exhibit a couple of (5). It provides the recycleables, working in process bikes and finished motorcycles. The raw material is good for two months supply, and the expense is calculated by utilizing total devices produced instances the elements cost intended for the two several weeks. The work in process inventory is half completed, nevertheless all materials are issued, so the total WIP products on hand cost is you, 000 WIP bikes instances the cost for every single bike. The whole added inventory is $269, 633. 33 as proven in the table below. Considering that the annual variable costs is usually 23. five per cent of the total added products on hand cost, the whole relevant expense is $63, 363. 83, as well as the relevant working capital investment cost per each unit can be $2. 53.

Average Products on hand | В

Materials [25, 000*2/12*39. 80] | $165, 833. thirty-three

Operate Process [(1, 000*(39. 80+19. 60*6/12+24. 50*6/12)] | $61, 850. 00 | Finished Goods [500*83. 90] | $41, 950. 00

Total Added Inventory | $269, 633. 33

| В

Percentage of Relevant Costs [18+1. 0+0. 3+0. 7+3. 0+0. 5] | twenty three. 5%| Total Relevant Seed money Investment Expense | $63, 363. 83 | Relevant Working Capital Purchase Cost per Unit | $2. 53

several. The " Relevant” Chafing Charge

In the event that Baldwin accepts to produce Challenger bikes, it is going to lose about 3, 1000 units of regular bike sale. The relevant expense of erosion expense is the contribution margin with the regular bike times the number of bikes which can be lost in sale. In Exhibit one particular, the Cash flow Statement shows that the gross annual revenue can be $10, 872, 000 plus the variable value is $8, 045, 000. Considering that the total cycles manufactured in 12 months 1982 is definitely 98, 791 units, the kind of profit is $28. 62 per product. And the Erosion cost is $85, 847. 90.

Sale Income per Device (Year 1982) [10, 872, 000/98, 791] | $110. 05 | Cost of Items Sold every Unit [8, 045, 000/98, 791] | $81. 43 | Contribution Margin per Unit | $28. sixty two

Chafing Cost [28. 62*3, 000] | $85, 847. 85

5. The Pregressive Return on Investment for The Challenger Deal

When Baldwin makes a decision to produce the Challenger cycles, the gradual return on investment is founded on the formula: the...

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