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Understanding the Concepts and Features of

Macro Programming

Part 1



Chapter 2

Mechanics of Macro Processing

Part 3

Macro Variables


Chapter some

Macro Programs


Section 5

Understanding Macro Image Tables plus the Processing of

Macro Courses 101

Section 6

Macro Language Capabilities

Chapter six

Macro Expression and Macro Programming

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Chapter 8

Hiding Special Characters and Mnemonic

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Interfaces towards the Macro Facility




2 SAS Macro Programming For beginners, Second Release

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Precisely what is the SAS Macro Service? 4

Exactly what the Advantages with the SAS Macro Facility? six

Where Can the SAS Macro Facility Be Used? 12

Types of the OBSTACLE Macro Center 13

Think about you have a great assistant that will help you write the SAS programs. Your helper willingly and unfailingly uses your instructions allowing you to will leave your site and go to other tasks. Repetitive encoding assignments just like multiple PROC TABULATE tables, where the just difference among one table and the following is the classification variable, are delegated to your assistant. Jobs that require you to run a few steps, review the output, then run additional steps depending on the output are generally not difficult; they can be, however , labor intensive. With guidance on choice of subsequent measures, your assistant easily grips the work. Possibly having your assistant do straightforward tasks just like editing data in SUBJECT statements makes your job much easier.

Actually, you already have a SAS programming assistant: the BARRIERE macro center. The OBSTACLE macro service can carry out all the tasks above and even more. To have the macro facility do the job, you first need to be aware of how to contact the macro facility. That's the purpose of this guide: to show you ways to speak with the OBSTACLE macro facility so that your BARRIERE programming may become more effective and efficient.

4 SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Model

An unlimited variety of applying the BARRIERE macro service exist. A knowledge of the OBSTACLE macro service gives you self confidence to correctly use it to help you build your OBSTACLE programs. A lot more you use the macro facility, a lot more adept you feel at utilizing it. As your abilities increase, you will find more circumstances where the macro facility may be applied. The macro development skills you discover from this book can be applied throughout BARRIERE.

You do not have to use any of the macro facility features to write great SAS programs, but , your car or truck, you might find that easier to full your BARRIERE programming assignments. The SAS programming dialect can get you from floor to another, one step after an additional. Using the macro facility wisely is like taking an elevator to get to a greater floor: you follow the same path, yet you'll likely get to your destination sooner.

What Is the BARRIERE Macro Service?

Fundamentally, the SAS macro facility is actually a tool for text replacement. You affiliate a macro reference with text. If the macro cpu encounters that reference, this replaces the reference while using associated textual content. This textual content can be as simple as textual content strings or perhaps as intricate as OBSTACLE language transactions. The macro processor becomes your OBSTACLE programming assistant in helping you construct the SAS courses. The OBSTACLE macro service is a element of Base SAS. The Base BARRIERE product is important to BARRIERE and should be installed at your computing site if you want to write SAS applications or work SAS procedures in any with the SAS products. Therefore , when you have access to SAS, you have access to the macro facility, and you could include macro facility features in your applications. Indeed, most of the SAS products that you permit contain programs that use the macro facility.

As displayed in Physique 1 . one particular, the OBSTACLE macro facility works side-by-side with Foundation SAS to build and execute your applications. The macro facility possesses its own language specific...

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