Difference Among Productivity and Efficiency

 Difference Among Productivity and Efficiency Composition

Big difference Between



Productivity is usually an capacity of factors to generate some thing. Production means that items is developed, how much produced, in simply how much time. Top quality and wastage is not as important nowadays factor. However the quantity is important that simply how much produced.

E. g. Every one of the lands are generally not fertile. The fertile property gives more out set, but sterile land gives less result. So the efficiency of agricultural land is more than regarding an barren, sterile land.

Efficiency can be measured by this solution:

Productivity= Level of output/Quantity of input.


Productivity means giving more quality to items in lower time, providing less wastage, consuming less energy, and any thing which gives quality to the product. We could say that efficiency is the measure of production when compared with all assets and expense of the product. Efficiency not work with the formula of productivity (more output) but it works on giving the quality to the product.

Case in point:

i) A man work for 5 days and manufactures 90 commodities. And another person work for 2 days and manufactures 75 commodities. second man is more efficient than the 1st.

ii) A strong manufactures seats in high number its equipment and labor is less than efficient to minimize cost, decreases wastages, give quality to its product, as a result public do not such as this chair for its quality and high price. Sale for the firm reduces. Alternatively another organization is companies chairs, the labor and machinery is usually efficient and reduces the price of production, offer quality to its product. As a result community like this couch because of its quality and less value. Profit of the firm raises.

Productivity with no the efficiency is very pricey and useless. Lack of efficiency effect almost all sort of business, can even cause the failing of the organization....

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