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Will certainly STEADY Company increase their market share in Chinese language real estate market?

Candidate name: Talia Chen


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STEADY Business is a business that generally invests real estate projects. The estate marketplace in China is super competitive so that the business of STEADY Company is getting smaller and smaller. Hence the main analysis topic should be to find out if STEADY Business can increase their market share. To resolve this problem, I would like to start with researching the market and find out the actual problem of their company. So I did a lot of primary exploration and supplementary research on the web and from the interview. To focus on this statement, you will discover three aspects that can be discussed and evaluate. STEADY organization is a tiny estate organization which contain a basically small piece of Chinese market share. It was established in June 1996, used to have a name named YASHI Business, in Sept. 2004 altered name to STEADY. Essentially, their occupation is fund to the house and build residential buildings then provides them. Till now, the business is formed being a private limited company with three investors, the whole fund is over 35 billion RMB; Distribute to many cities just like Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Huhehot, Taiyuan and Beijing. In 2004, CONSTANT Company accomplished top 100-estate company that evaluated by the State Authorities and Qinghai University's Property Economic Study Institute. At the same time, the company begin many jobs, Fundamentally acquired by middle category people and usually receive 2 times profits. The first one is the industry’s promotion. Through the interview, I realize that the 1st idea of these to improve the business of the organization is promo. So I utilize promotional mixture and know-how about marketing strategies to evaluate the property to use advertisement being a method to maximize market share. After that is the item. The houses that STEADY Firm sold have some benefits and drawbacks than other company's products. Due to these dissimilarities and their diversity, I use Boston Matrix to gain access to the quality and variety of their merchandise. Also SWOT analysis will help you to ensure the organization ‘strength and weakness. Even greater, the market is usually a very important aspect that can cause the death or success of the business. The estate market is incredibly complicate. So the PEST research is suitable to clear about the external environment give what opportunities and threats for the business. The shareholder marriage also is a large problem. The corporation consists of three main shareholders; they all include part of industry’s stock. A lot of times they still control the company. They often fight against each other. Hence the relationship is usually not so good. A shareholder research will help to share this situation and find the reason.

Techniques and method

Promotional mix

The promotional mix can be " the set of tools that the business may use to connect effectively the advantages of its products or services to its consumers. ”[1] • Above the range

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