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The School Foodstuff Service Company

Business Proposal:

Person Packaging

September 23, 2013

President Joe Finkel

Seth Schulder

The college Food Company

While the Institution Food Service Company provides top quality food in a affordable price to educational institutions, sales will increase if the firm demonstrates that it provides a item that is healthier, cheaper, plus more easily given away. I believe that individually grouped together meals can easily do just that.

Precisely what is this product and just how is it produced?

• Our company can pre-package dishes composed of a variety of healthy foods. In much the same method as caterers, band produce mass amounts of singularly packaged meals for air carriers; our company will create individually manufactured meals intended for school children. What is exceptional about this proposal, however , is the fact each bundle will have properly proportioned dishes that adhere to the most up-to-date nourishment research. There will be a variety of meal types including salads to chicken to vegetarian alternatives with every meal that contains a necessary protein, healthy starch, vegetables, and fruit. Each meal is going to represent a well balanced diet intended for growing kids.

• To organize these packages, we will likely need to make a number of key changes to our production methodology:

o We must retain the services of nutritionists to create a list of well balanced meals that will be produced by the organization.

um Then we have to hire additional workers to pre-portion and package the foodstuff. The current machinery will still be beneficial although the added hands will be necessary in order to ensure proper final the labels.

o Whilst this may seem like significant added costs within the company, the future payoffs will take care of the initial costs to hire the extra workers.

Why this product will be beneficial to consumers?

• Health rewards:

um Studies show that children who also are overweight between age groups of 12 and 13 are 80 percent more likely to become obese while adults. ( In an regarding child weight problems, growing kid diabetes costs, and determinations by policy-makers to focus on advertising healthy eating habits in schools, administrations happen to be re-evaluating the meals services they give in order to maximize healthy ingesting and showcase healthy behaviors.

в–Є Pre-portioned, pre-packaged dishes provide a best solution to the growing social and political pressure. College students would learn new healthy foods in healthy volume at school.

в–Є Pre-portioned, pre-packaged meals reduce over-eating in lunch as well as teach students about healthy food choices in correct proportions; lessons that will influence eating habits through their lives.

в–Є Additionally , healthy eating contributes to better patterns. When students are not consuming as much sugary, processed foodstuff, they are less-likely to crash later on inside the day and act out of turn. Ingesting healthily will help students manage and mitigate stress, finally helping these people focus and perform better in class. This will help to promote a much better learning environment for students.

в–Є School is known as a forum for educating children on how to think and action in the future. This will not modify when it comes to understanding proper ways of eating at lunchtime.

• Cost Benefits:

o Because the cost of school operation raises, additional funds accumulated simply by implementing this system, will allow administrations to provide added extra-curricular actions such as sports teams and art lessons without negating the quality of foodstuff or cutting other programs.

в–Є Independently packaged dishes decrease the number of cafeteria...

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