Business Plan without risk and supposition

 Business Plan devoid of risk and assumption Essay


Cupcakes Haven

A Business Prepare

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Aurellano, Kristina

Calica, Jezka Charrise

Cortes, Ma. Athena

Sept. 2010 11, 2014

1 . zero Executive Overview

Cupcake Dreamland is a cupcake bar and bakery situated in the malls of Metro Manila. We can usually be described as a quick-service restaurant wherever customers sit around a tavern and watch their particular desserts being created. The present, as well as the treat, is each of our main feature. Cupcake Dreamland will hold true to its vision of being a brand new concept with an old designed feel in order to become a favorite location for " Manillenas and Manillenos. ” While the reported national leader in investment property in restaurants, Metro Manila is a great optimal area for releasing a new restaurant concept. Cupcake Haven as well hopes to get a destination for the thousands of not only Filipino local people but as well as foreign people, who visit metropolis every year. We plan to change our site in the Community Manila to our utmost advantage. Both duty incentives and high targeted traffic due to the MMDA reports can give us an edge as a new business. As the BIR fills up with new businesses over the years to come Cupcake Dreamland will receive an added boost of increased targeted traffic. Therefore , we are aggressively arranging a 50% embrace sales the other year of business. By creating a fresh niche inside the restaurant industry, Cupcake Haven will increase sales by much more than 1, 400.00, 000 Php over three years while maintaining a gross perimeter of 80 percent. Through a idea of " nothing but the best" with regards to both product and services, Cupcake Destination will establish itself as an exceptional sweet bar in Metro Manila. We will also gain a competitive edge in get and were made desserts

installment payments on your 0 Mission, Vision, and Culture


We are committed to introducing unique design and number of flavours inside our cupcakes.


To be among the creative and innovative head in the cupcake market.


1 . Determination: We give anything we commit to 100 percent until we be successful. We dedicated to the Perspective, Mission, Lifestyle, and accomplishment of Cupcakes Haven's it is current and future group, and its consumers at all times.

2 . Ownership: Wish truly responsible for my activities and results and personal everything that occurs in our function and living. We will accountable for my own results and we know that to get things to modify.

3. Honesty: We will always speak the facts. What we guarantee is what we provide. We only will ever help to make agreements around and others we are ready and want to keep.

some. Excellence: Adequate isn't. All of us always deliver products and services of outstanding quality. We stay on a path of constant and never-ending improvement and advancement.

3. 0 Company Description

Our company is a small store front business called Cupcakes Haven. The organization was maintained by 3 partners. The cupcakes will be made from the home home; we will sell them to stores and other consumers for birthday parties, wedding events and other special events etc . The types of product offered are cupcakes in different variants, Topping and adornments comes in a number of colours and options. This kind of special cooked treat might be a luxury. Persons will obtain my cookies for birthdays, weddings and other special days. People also enjoy eating cupcakes just because they can, and they just like the sweet handle The amount of cookies we can produce per day might vary. Each recipe pertaining to the cookies may take different times to bake in the oven, and cupcake style will vary on time depending on the depth of the design. We must likewise account the time it have for me to make the mixture and topping, the time it takes the oven to heat up and other time factors. Our company is predicting which i will be able to help to make approximately 40-50 cupcakes a day.

4. zero Opportunity and Analysis Analysis

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