Case Study intended for Sheng Tune

 Essay about Case Study to get Sheng Music

Case Study for Sheng Song


1 . Executive Summary

2 . Operation Technique

•Adding Ideals





3. Supply Chain Management

some. Conclusion

5. Referrals


Sheng Siong, one of the effective supermarkets in Singapore, offering a total of 25 years around the country. At the moment in the year of 2010, there is a total of 23 grocery stores and hypermarkets with additional holdings upon 5 food courts and eateries. Their president, Mr. Lim Hock Chee (Managing Director) who was each butcher worn out down his stall in 1985 and started a tiny mini-mart. Least did this individual expect intended for his organization to blossom and succeed over the years. Furthermore to his success inside the supermarket discipline, the company as well held a Channel almost eight Variety Present – " The Sheng Siong Show” where a Korean Pop Idol group was asked as part of entertainment for this system. Sheng Siong was also awarded top 500 full enterprises in Singapore. [1] Their slogan of " All Intended for You” has become very encouraging as this catch key phrase has inserted itself into many families' minds. The actual Sheng Siong so effective over the past twenty-five years? This we expect can be attributed to certain features that we will be discussing additional in the statement. Our group manages an inside interview with Mr. Lee himself because of having his daughter as part of our shared acquaintance. Through this report, we all will even more discuss how Sheng Siong operates as well as the various approaches that Sheng Siong has incorporated to propel their particular success.


Procedure Strategy

Procedure Strategy is key ingredient in all industry. It can show how the operation is done and how will they can improve on it. Now we will certainly discuss how and what kind of strategy did Sheng Siong perform.

Adding beliefs

To Mr. Lim, operation strategy is also mean adding value to his consumers. He had a vision that he needed consumers to obtain top...

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