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п»їCASE 1

Case 1: Potentado is a six-year old youngster who does not want to eat his vegetables. His mother is aware how important it can be for Potentado to be conditioned into a veggie diet to avoid future health ailments. Rico's friends and family has a condition of hypertension and his mother does not want him at risk. Applying counter-conditioning, how could you condition Vasto to eat fresh vegetables?

Stage one particular:

Stage two:

Stage a few:

Every six-year old young man loves smoothies and drinks and Lujoso will probably like that too. With this study, vegetables will be the unconditioned stimulus which gives displeasure to Rico; and the juicing will be the conditioned incitement which gives him the unconditioned response of enjoyment. When plant was combined with his favourite juice all of us will get this unconditioned response of likeness. When we converted the vegetable into a juice we will get this conditioned response of pleasure, vegetable juicing will make Lujoso drink every one of the juice this individual wants and get the nutritional supplements he needed.

Skinner's Operant Conditioning Theory

Applicable intended for Case one particular:

Positive Support:

Negative Encouragement:

Rico will receive a chocolate for drinking plant juice. Chocolate aren't damaging if they were given just enough and is also good for the brain. The plant juice should taste very good to remove that disgust taste a child desires from a vegetable. Confident Punishment:

Unfavorable Punishment:

Potentado will be scolded for not consuming the vegetable juice.

Rico wouldn't be allowed to play outside if this individual didn't finish the vegetable juice.


Case 2: Educator Coney is having problems with Kevin, a seven-year old first-grader. During school, he would go walking the class room, write on his classmates' operate activity and frequently stick chewing gum on his classmates' hair. By play, he'd grab the ball and run off with it causing his classmates to cry. Several grievances reached the guidance business office from parents regarding Kevin's behavior.

The college counselor was asked by school main to check out the matter. The counselor sat quietly in the back of the classroom and started observing the complete class which include Teacher Coney, not only Kevin. During the counselor's observations, she noticed that Tutor Coney and Kevin's classmates paid even more attention to Kevin only when he could be doing " naughty” points but not if he is behaving properly. After her remark, the counselor had a conference with Teacher Coney, and together they diagrammed a plan to condition Kevin's patterns. How do you think they are going to undertake it?

Shaping-Training Behavior:

Kevin can be described as typical youngster who really loves attention. As you get what you would like for being kinky then you'll continue to keep doing it. An excellent deeds graph and or chart will be a great idea, in which he will get a silver precious metal star for each 3 great deeds and a platinum star for a remarkable one. Knowing that you could have a competition among your classmates will give Kevin the determination to do better and gain more superstars. Eventually, he will probably get used to getting nice and refuses to have to do it for the rewards any more.

Procedures in Shaping Behavior:

1 . Decide the Objective:

Shape Kevin's behavior simply by praise, confident attention and ignoring, pre-teaching and educating, logical effects and returns system. installment payments on your Take note of the Natural Habit:

Kevin really loves attention, and he was being naughty to get his teacher's and classmate's attention. If he could be ignored internet marketing naughty, there will be a high opportunity that he will refrain doing it, and if he could be praised internet marketing nice and peaceful there's a opportunity that he will probably be more of like that. 3. Schedule of Reinforcement:

Set Interval

Fixed Ratio

one particular: 1 Being nice intended for 1 day with out bullying, working and becoming naughty can give Kevin small rewards just like candies, decals and you should offer different rewards that will inspire and shock him. several: 1 It will be nice to create a good deed chart for the entire class in which, for every three or more good actions such as remaining seated and quiet...

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