Crisis managing - About what extent may social media

 Crisis administration - About what extent may social media Article


With this literature survey we would like to gain insight into current intercontinental developments to find the use of social/new media pertaining to crisis conversation. Our key research issue for this study is:

Which current international innovations (latest insights) can be discovered pertaining to the use of social/new multimedia for crisis communication, and what is the impact there of?

Our sub-questions to get an answer for the main issue are: Precisely what is social media?

Precisely what is crisis conversation and in which in turn ways will you use problems communication? What are the tendencies and developments in the field of problems communication? Through which ways may social media end up being deployed to implement catastrophe communication?

Based upon this analysis, we hope to provide you a lot of guidance that can be extended to the crisis.

Characters tells us that 96% from the Dutch residents have Internet access and a mayor a part of this group makes use of social media (CBS, 2012). However , even now there is a large amount of discussion regarding the right use of social media. Particularly with crisis conversation the right utilization of social media can be very crucial.

From this we hope to make a advice to improve, facilitate and increase the speed of crisis communication in the future.

Table of content material


Sub-questions a couple of

Example three or more

1 . Precisely what is social media? your five

2 . What is crisis connection and in which in turn ways do you use catastrophe communication? six 3. What are the trends and developments in the field of catastrophe communication? six 4. By which ways can social media become deployed to implement problems communication? almost eight Conclusion / Mean query 9

Set of sources 10Example

To start the survey we have chosen an example crisis. We choose KLM and the eruption from the volcano on Iceland. In those days all the air traffic was taken down, due to smoke, due to the eruption. Many holidaymakers got trapped on their holidays. KLM was also impacted by this problems situation. They will made personal contact with the travellers and made sure that they had a place to stay. KLM's CEO up to date everybody with a personal online video on YouTube. He informed every person about the situation regarding the safeguards they were likely to take to make sure every passenger with KLM would have a place to stay and got at home as soon as possible. Their very own strategy was to inform everybody and explained the situation. They had an open attitude and by have CEO in the video, they will showed KLM was taking crisis severe and they got enough afford to solve the down sides. The image of KLM received much better with this way of crisis managing.

What is social websites?

Social networking are active online websites where the customer is connected to others plus they create the information by showing information. The latter is also known as 'user made content'. That information might be in the form of text, image and sound. Since the advent of Web 2 . 0. 0, in which usability and underlying technology on the web discussion easier, it just grows faster. The concepts of social networking and Web 2 . 0. 0 move hand in hand, even though some believe that social networking exists just before that time.

The most popular social media funnel

An example of social media is the most popular social media funnel: Facebook, which usually recently provides one billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2012). Inside the Netherlands, Facebook is third of the most went to websites which is actively employed by 4. eight million Dutch people. As with many other social websites channels, anyone can use a profile and give formatting details, such as interests or job history.

In this way it really is more easily to look for your online friends. On Facebook . com and other social media you can also work with groups (communities). Within this group you're able to give messages into a selected group of Facebook users. Also you can pick the degree of privateness (public or perhaps private). Other examples of social websites, in order of popularity in the Holland are, YouTube (video posting worldwide), LinkedIn (business...

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