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JULY 27, 2015



◦ Christianity is the world's greatest religion, with about 2 . 4 billion adherents, called Christians. Christians believe

that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and fully individual,

and the messiah of humanity whose coming as Christ or the

Messiah was prophesied in the Aged Testament Christianity

is more compared to a religion. Christianity is a life style based upon your love of God and love of men and women.


The definition of " Baptst" refers to an individual who believes in the adult " baptsm of believers" in Jesus. � In other words, Baptsts are those who claim an individual faith in Christ only for salvaton, who also reject the baptsm of infants, trusting that only adult believers in Jesus, (or those by least of sufficient age to actually understand about trustng in Christ), should be baptzed. � They also do not think that baptsm itself saves them from their sins.

The term " Catholic" means " Universal". � That generally refers to the " Roman Catholic Church", which will for most of those last two 1, 000 years is the largest and a lot organized religious group " within" Christendom. The history in the Catholic Chapel begins with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who have lived and preached inside the 1st hundred years AD in the province of Judea from the Roman Disposition.

Middle Ages

During the later area of the Middle Ages, a lot of people who were studying the Holy bible became persuaded that newborn baptsm, (i. e. the sprinkling of babies with water with a priest), was unscriptural. � As a result, these men began to " re-baptze" one another. � The term " Ana-Baptst" (" Anabaptst" ) means " re-baptzer". � These folks were named " re" -baptzers by Roman Catholics and Protestants, (because most of these Baptsts acquired already been " sprinkled" by the Roman Catholic Church if they were infants. )�

Baptist vs . Roman Catholic


 Catholics believe in ofering prayers to Mary and to the New orleans saints. � Baptsts believe...

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