Essay regarding Collaboration

Collaboration Assessment Guideline

Please finish this four-part guide and submit that along with the cooperation assignment. Collaboration lesson/task explanation: Describe the collaborative lessons or task you completed in a paragraph consisting of five or more phrases. Well altogether the group had to finish the job that revolved around carbon monoxide. There was my go that had to do with carbon monoxide sensors, which are necessary in a home after researching it. On an additional slide we had to describe the hazards and effects of carbon monoxide. As well what are the main sources of carbon monoxide around the house which are usually preparing food appliances and automobile. Finally we had to spell out any essential safety factors about carbon monoxide.

Expert and Self-Evaluation: Rate each member of the crew, including yourself, according with each of the functionality criteria listed below. 3 = above average a couple of = normal 1 sama dengan below average

Student Labels: |Joseph Lorie|Adriana Caballero |Danielle Stella |Abigail Platt | Listened to others|3|3|3|3

Showed admiration for others' opinions|3|3|3|3

Accomplished assigned duties|3|3|3|3

Participated in discussions|3|3|3|3

Attended meetings|3|3|3|3

Remained on task|3|3|3|3

Offered relevant information|3|3|3|3

Completed work adequately|3|3|3|3

Completed work with time (with no reminders)|3|3|3|3

Offered appropriate feedback when necessary|3|3|3|3

Self-Reflection: Respond to the subsequent in 2-3 sentences every. What do you enjoy most about dealing with others within this lesson/task? Make clear. I enjoyed that they had been all very useful in every condition that we had. When I don't know how to change the color that they helped me swap it.

Just how did your team deal with conflict? Explain.

Very good, though we really did not include conflict.

Do you think others had been happy with your participation in the lesson/task? Describe. Yes That stuff seriously they observed the effort that we was putting into my own slide....

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