Industrial Law: Assignment

 Commercial Rules: Assignment Exploration Paper

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FTDipGS10& 11 / FTDipHTM15 / FTDipAcctSt5 / PTDipAcctSt2

Commercial Legislation


Analysis 1: Specific Assignment



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1200 to 1500 terms

Question one particular

D marketed his car for sale to get $40, 000 in the papers. E saw the advertisement and went to D's house with a cheque pertaining to $40, 500. D declined to accept the cheque and E stated that he would sue G for infringement of contract. The next day, N inspected the automobile and later composed to M enclosing a cheque to get $40, 1000 saying that in the event he listens to no more about it, he will believe the car to become his. G also inspected the car and was advised by G that he'd not sell for three days to another buyer. One day later on, H showed up with $38, 000 cash and G accepted the cash and allowed H to drive the car aside.

Advise Deb of his liabilities (if any).

(20 marks)

Query 2

a) A was a seaman aboard a traveling cruise ship via Singapore to Hong Kong. During a stopover by Vietnam, two seamen were arrested pertaining to drug possession, and held pending trial in Vietnam. The ship had to depart leaving the 2 seamen to manage trial in Vietnam. The captain guaranteed the crew that the wages of the jailed seamen would be divided equally if they will worked hard to bring the ship to its vacation spot, Hong Kong. If the ship come to Hong Kong, the captain refused to honor his assure. Advise A if he can enforce the promise up against the captain.

(5 marks)

b) Would your answer be different if 12 seamen had been arrested and detained? (5 marks)

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