Communication Composition

SHC 21: Summary of communication in health, sociable care or perhaps children's and young people's settings.

2 . 1

Most of us communicate in different ways; many of us have different personal preferences need and wishes. There are also different types of connection;

Written – Pro's

2. Can be used as evidence

5. Re viewed

* More clear to understand

* Easier to get in touch with people who you do not have a lot of confidence Downsides

* Could be taken in the wrong way

* Poor layout

* Too much details to take in

2. Poor handwriting or punctuational

Verbal – Pro's

5. Use the develop of your tone of voice to express your feelings

* The usage of expression

2. More confident individuals to speak out

* Connect to the person, ask questions to receive greater detail


5. Language obstacles

* Not enough confidence

5. Different learning styles

5. Visual

2. Body Language

2. Eye Contact

5. Sign Vocabulary

* Confront expressions, Signals

* Tone of voice

We all want to communicate in at least 1 or maybe more of these various sorts. We just need to take into account that all of us have different requirements and wants.

You will have times when we all will need to spread information from person to a new, when it comes to father and mother we need to understand that as well as hearing us they will want approach us. We must develop hearing skills so that the parent knows we are taking an interest in what they can be saying.

Communicating very well with parents

* Maintaining eye contact making sure you are providing them with your full attention * To keep wide open body language to make certain there are simply no barriers being made * Try not to interrupt, yet nod and smile so you are acknowledging what they are saying. * Sum up the main factors so you happen to be fully conscious of the factors being elevated * Should you be unsure with regards to a question they may be asking you, let them know you are unsure and that you will go and discover the answer * In some nationalities, touching or perhaps...

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