Community Diagnosis

 Community Diagnosis Essay


Upon the completing this partially database, this could not always be possible without the gathered attempts of everyone of the first group for the first Community Health Nursing rotation. With no which, your data gathered had been all hard works from your group to come up with a partial diagnosis that might help in taking immediate actions to the serious problems of the community. The raging temperature of the sunlight and the good rain pour were almost all worth it because nothing may beat a thing that is worth the experience.

We would like to acknowledge each of our dear parents for the undying support especially fiscally and psychologically. Without them, our Micro-teaching would not be possible. And also, to our motherly Specialized medical Instructor, Mrs. Ivy Proceed who has recently been with us over the rotation to guide and help all of us meet our objectives for the whole duration of the rotation.

What is more, the Immutable Father who have gifted us with knowledge to perform thorough assessments and the confidence in interacting with persons we barely know. All of our deep gratitude to all of these!


Intro According to the Division of Health, " Community Health Medical is a unique blend of nursing and public health practice woven to a human assistance that effectively developed and applied includes a tremendous effect on human well-being. Its tasks extend towards the care and supervision of individuals and households in their homes, in places of work, in schools and clinics. ”

With this, nursing staff are coming in contact with the becoming of every person. This " being” is usually their activities where you need to do to live & earn for a living. Through this example, nurses should be able to easily carry out a full assessment to the fact that he is always generally there with his or her client. It could also be a major advantage for everyone to have a community health registered nurse because they are there whenever there is an emergency dependence on health & most of all, it could be easier for any bigger human body to teach the actual people must know about wellness where an efficient implementation can be done to the city.

Recently, Xavier University – Bachelor of Science Level 2 pupils were encountered with a newly built community in Lumbia named Xavier Ecoville. The brand new village served as a relocation site to get the Sendong survivors majorly donated simply by companies including Xavier University or college which was executed to help them establish new starting. Since it is new as well as the settlers continue to be on their modification phase, their situation best suits with the key objective of Community Wellness Nursing to diagnose current problems


and issues of the individuals and families and to help them establish a better environment surrounding them.

This paper partly presents the demographic profile of the community, assessed info, and complications with their particular ideal surgery, scoring and prioritization of such problems, findings, and recommendation.

Above all, with gathered efforts from the group and the assistance of Almighty God, this kind of partial community diagnosis features reached a unique peak of success.

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Objectives Standard Objectives Throughout the Community Wellness Nursing work in Xavier Ecoville, Lumbia, the students were able to satisfactorily apply the skills and knowledge obtained and worked out in Xavier University to promote Ecoville residents' well-being and health because assessed, diagnosed and evaluated within the three or more week period. Furthermore, minimize or wipe out present hazards and complications in the community. As well, the students aim for their own improvement and expansion of knowledge in neuro-scientific public health nursing jobs to provide top quality nursing support in the community soon. Specific Targets During the Community Health Breastfeeding duty in Xavier Ecoville, Lumbia, the scholars were able to: a. ) Explain health system and medical care services in Xavier Ecoville, Lumbia. n. ) Discover the major health problems, health courses and...

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