Elements of Poems; )

 Elements of Poetry  Dissertation

Petrarchan sonnet

(puh TRAHR kun)

a fourteen range sonnet including two parts: the octave, eight lines with the vocally mimic eachother scheme abbaabba, and the sestet, six lines usually together with the rhyme plan cdecde

the octave frequently poses something or situation that the sestet answers or resolves, beginning with a switch, also known as a volta

also referred to as an Italian sonnet

Case in point:

Whoso list to look, I know in which is a great hind!

But since for me, alas, I may forget about;

The vain travail hath wearied me personally so sore,

I i am of them that furthest arrive behind.

But may My spouse and i by no means my wearied head

Draw from the deer, but since she fleeth afore

Fainting I follow; We leave off therefore ,

Since in a net I keep pace with hold the wind flow.

Who list her quest, I place him out of hesitation,

As well as I actually, may use his amount of time in vain.

And graven with diamonds in letters plain,

There is written her good neck round about,

" Noli myself tangere, for Caesar's We am,

And wild for to hold, though I seem to be tame.

(" Whoso List to Hunt, ” Thomas Wyatt)

plaintive poems

verse that expresses sadness or despair

[see also elegy, eulogy]

poet laureate

(POH ainsi que LORE ee it)

a subject of difference given to the required poet of a nation or perhaps kingdom


(POH it rear end turr)

a label applied to a poet with tiny skill or literary regard from her or his peers

[see as well epigone]

poetic diction

the specific expression choice and elegance used in beautifully constructed wording, particularly what is not really used in the entire; often advises ornamental, radical, and, at times, archaic language

[see also poeticism]


(poh OU eh sizm)

diction, usually archaic, that is generally employed only for beautifully constructed wording


" o'er, ” " doth, ” and " bestride”

[see also archaism, poetic diction]

beautifully constructed wording

a literary work written in sentirse form in which rhythmic dialect and syntax, as well as fictional and sound devices, bring effect; from " making” or " creating” (Greek)

poulter's measure

a rhyming stance consisting of a great iambic hexameter (alexandrine) and an iambic heptameter (fourteener); frequently used in morality takes on and sixteenth century poetry


So feeble is the thread that doth the burden stay

Of my poor life, in heavy plight that falleth in decay,

(Sir Thomas Wyatt)

prose poetry

a work distinguished as prose but having the conventions of poetry, including ornate, rhythmic language and the incorporation of rhyme and other sound gadgets

notable freelance writers of this type include To. S. Eliot, Amy Lowell, and Oscar Wilde


(PRAHZ uh dee)

the research and research of versification (including elements such as form, meter, and rhyme)

[see likewise scansion]


(PEER ik)

a metrical feet consisting of two unaccented syllables; a pyrrhic foot is quite rare in English poetry

also referred to as a dibrach


" Ĭ hăve beĕn proúd ănd sáid, ‘Mў lóve, mў ówn. '”

[the first two syllables from Elizabeth Browning's Sonnets in the Portuguese contain a pyrrhic ft ., followed by several iambic feet]

quantitative passage

the categorization of meter according to syllable duration rather than about stresses; applied frequently in Latin and Greek beautifully constructed wording but almost never in The english language poetry


(KWAH trane)

a stanza made up of four lines

also referred to as a tetrastich (TEH truh stik)


(ree FRAYN)

lines that recur throughout a poem or words of a track


" She said, ‘I am aweary, aweary, as well as I would that I were deceased. '”

[every stanza but the previous in Alfred, Lord Tennyson‘s " Mariana” concludes together with the preceding two-line refrain]

[see also envelope]


(rep ih TEND or REP ih tend)

a syllable, expression, or distinctive line of verse that may be repeated in irregular times throughout a poem

[see also refrain]


(rev er DEE)

a poem that celebrates the arrival of spring...

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