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October 25, 2007

Has a Alternative Fairly sweet Changed each of our Past, Present, and Future?


A. Attention-getter- Halloween is a holiday that people consume a whole lot of candies, and the vacations are closer than you think with more delightful treats. Therefore , it may could be a amazed that the normal American consumes 150 pounds of sugar a year.

B. Thesis- Today, I am going to talk about high fructose corn syrup, how come it is used, and study of how it truly is affecting all of us.

C. Significance- Many organisations have turned to excessive fructose corn over real cane sweets to lower cost. As a result, it can be cheaper for people at the checkout stand, but is it affecting our health and weight.

D. Overview- I will discuss what high fructose corn syrup is definitely, the increase in obese People in america, and a few ways to reduce intake of this substance.

Body system

3 Sugar Replaces Hfcs syrup15144 – The gender chart?

1 . Until the 1972s, most of the sugar we used came from sucrose derived from sweets beets or perhaps sugar walking cane. Then, hfcs syrup15144 began to gain popularity like a sweetener as it was a lot less expensive to produce.

2 . High fructose corn syrup is a heavy, gummy material that is used inside our food and beverages, particularly from significant soda makers like Cocaina Cola and Pepsi

3. High fructose corn syrup is made by simply treating hammer toe (which is generally genetically altered corn) which has a variety of digestive enzymes, some of which are also genetically modified, to 1st extract the sugar glucose and then convert some of that into fructose, since fructose tastes sweeter than blood sugar. The end result can be described as mixture of 57% fructose and 45% blood sugar, which is called " high fructose corn syrup (Mericle).

4. I have a chart to exhibit the rise in obesity in Northern America, fast food organizations that are using HFCS inside the food that they prepare, and exactly how much Cola is conserving since they made...

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