Crucial Perspectives on Accounting: A fresh Public Administration Approach

 Critical Points of views on Accounting: A New General public Management Way Research Daily news

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Critical Perspectives upon Accounting xxx (2013) xxx–xxx

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Crucial Perspectives about Accounting

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The translation of accrual accounting and budgeting and the

reconfiguration of public sector accountants' details

Sebastian Deb. Becker a, *, Tobias Jagalla n, Peter Skærbæk c, deb a

´ration, 78351 Jouy en Josas, France

HEC Paris, Division of Accounting and Control, 1 repent de la Libe WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Institute of Managing Accounting and Control (IMC), Burgplatz two, 56179 Vallendar, Germany


Copenhagen Organization School, Department of Accounting and Auditing, Solbjerg Plads 3, 2150 Frederiksberg, Denmark d

Trondheim Business College, Jonsvannsveien 82, 7050 Trondheim, Norway n

A L T My spouse and i C L E I actually N N O


New General public Management

Public sector


Accrual accounting and budgeting



Mots cle

Secteur community

Nouvelle gestion publique

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Sector Comun



Nueva Gestion Publica

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Under the umbrella of New Public Managing (NPM) and managerialism, the past three decades have observed a common transformation of public sector accounting and budgeting by a money to an accrual basis. Most of the ensuing research, however , has focused more on technological evaluations of the programmes and less on updating our understanding of the conversation between these kinds of programmes and accountants. Because public sector accountants (PSAs) are central entities in such programmes, the purpose of this paper is always to focus on the reconfiguration with their identities. Making use of the theoretical lens of Actor-Network-Theory (ANT) as well as its concept of translation, this study seeks to explain how PSAs' identities were transformed throughout the introduction of Accrual Output-Based Budgeting (AOBB) in two German claims. Our examination shows that the change of accounting routine was not a straightforward one, but instead involved that accountants experienced particular difficulties responding to a lot of interessement equipment that were utilized to enrol these people into the fresh practices. We all link this behaviour to a Weberian facet of the PSAs' identity, which will prevented serious project stagnancy and ‘strategies of total resistance', but also precluded many accountancy firm from signing up easily into AOBB, or perhaps developing eagerness. The daily news suggests that several groups of accountancy firm, rather than one particular, experienced diverse challenges in aligning with AOBB which each assumed their compromises and investments in developing with accrual accounting.

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1 . Introduction

‘‘Our cash accounting goes back to organisational guidelines of the Prussian State. [... ] It absolutely was tailor-made for the public sector and did for centuries. This can be a successful model in the open public sector. [... ] While Beamte [i. at the. German to get civil servants] most of us have sworn an oath that people will provide for the favorable of the land and that we will honor justice and law. All of us will consequently support the new system. [... ] [However], there exists a certain scepticism among me personally and my own colleagues. '' (PSA-5)

These thoughts had been expressed within an interview which has a PSA that has worked with AOBB1 for several years and in addition they indicate that reflections on his occupational traditions make it hard to fully acknowledge it.

* Corresponding creator.

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Please refer to this article in press since: Becker SECURE DIGITAL, et ing. The translation of accrual accounting and budgeting plus the reconfiguration of public sector accountants' identities, Crit Perspect Account (2013), j. cpa. 2013. 05. 004

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References: Please cite this post in press as: Becker SD, et al. The translation of accrual accounting and cash strategy and the

reconfiguration of public sector accountants' identities, Crit Perspect Bank account (2013),

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