Dahlia Case

 Essay on Dahlia Circumstance


Dahlia Pieces of furniture Private Limited

i. Period Context

March 2013

2. View Items


Mister. Peter LimMr. Chua Advantage KangMr. Leong Sim Lam iii. Significant Policy Affirmation

Our company Dahlia Furniture Exclusive Limited is a local furniture industry, we supplies generally kitchen cabinetry, wall models, bedrooms arranged and eating set. We certainly have metal and wood pieces of furniture sets. 4. Current Business Policies


Integrated Management Policy


Grassroots Marketing and Niche Marketing


Free shipping within Manila however it will be fee if its outside Manila Finance

Business Financial Plan

HR Guidelines

Work traditions, New employees and leave exploits.

versus. Statement with the problem

What can the business do to further improve their current company's location?

vi. Affirmation of Targets.

Long term – To become the largest manufacturer of furniture and exporter in the furniture industry.

Short term – To maximize the net income of the organization.

vii. SWOT Analysis


5. Safe Environment

* Good quality of the items

* Run the new section with the present set of designers.


2. Dahlia's business has become eroded by some big players in the lowering revenues from current product * Poor management


* Replace the production lines because industry supply of contemporary furniture was not keeping up with the increasing require.


5. Powerful competitors.

* Other companies offer affordable prices.

viii. Option Courses of Actions

* Prolong its production unit and contend with opponents through cutting down prices. 2. Buy brought in products

2. Continue providing high quality and fairly costly image with clients.

ix. Analysis Of Alternatives

Positive aspects A

5. No over head cost

5. Smaller products of products

5. Free from selecting more labors

Disadvantages A

* It could not accommodate mass market...

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