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Section I

The situation

I. Launch:

This phase presents the setting of the examination, its relevance and scope. Over the years, presently there had been growing concerns about the tourist vacation spot in the Philippines. This analyze will be focusing on the three significant destinations in Antipolo Town, the famous Antipolo Cathedral, Hinulugang Taktak and the Via Lesion. The main reason why the majority of tourist check out this region is for faith based purposes. Almost all of it happens throughout the Holy Week were the well understand " alay lakad” take place. Many faith based people visit the Via Lesion or formerly known as the White-colored Cross which can be said to echo the passion, fatality and resurrection of Christ. Hinulugang Taktak that was famous for its beautiful comes that has made many visitors amaze.

II. Affirmation of the Trouble:

A. Exactly what are the different associated with these spots to the people in the vicinity? 1 ) What are the economic effects of having a holiday destination to individuals surrounding that? 2 . Exactly what are the interpersonal effects of a tourist destination to the people adjacent it? a few. What are environmentally friendly effects of a tourist vacation spot to the people residing in that region? B. Exactly what the effects of having people living near a tourist destination? 1 . Does having people living nearby the place triggers negative effects to the tourist destination? 2 . Do the people encircling the area help build, rehabilitate and/or maintain its point out?

III. Hypothesis

A. The tourist destination does not impact the locals in a aspect whatsoever. B. The tourist vacation spot affects the locals in many ways.

C. The locals will not affect the visitor destination what so ever. D. The locals have an impact to the visitor destination, within a negative and positive approach.

IV. Significance of the Study

It is significant that we study three most visited...

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