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 Dividend Plan at Fpl Essay


(Case report)

Subject: Dividend Plan at FPL Group, Incorporation.

Problem: Will need to Kate Stark revise her current expense recommendation of " hold” on FPL's stock with her clients? Options: 1) To change her " hold” recommendation to a " buy” advice

2) To change her " hold” suggestion to a " sell” suggestion

3) Stay unchanged; continue with the " hold” advice Recommendation:

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In 1994, Merrill Lynch posted a report that disclosed the change in their particular investment ranking for the FPL Group, Inc.. That were there downgraded this rating as they expected the directors would choose to never raise the twelve-monthly dividend. This also happened to be the first time in 47 years that the FPL Group hadn't raised payouts. This modified the interest of a specific electric programs analyst with the First Collateral Securities Company, Kate Stark. She right now was confronted with the decision whether or not to amend her personal recommendation of " hold” on FPL Group, Inc. 's stock (her advice of hold was based on the supposition that FPL will keep its dividend by $2. forty-eight per reveal, or enhance this slightly). James Broadheld, chairman in the FPL Group, understood the problems of an changing marketplace, and knew the industry was on the verge of being deregulated, and thus integrated a strategy that focused mostly on a strong commitment to quality as well as customer service, although focusing on the utilities sector and expanding capacity to be able to improve its cost location. He presumed that this way of business might result in a way forward for " complete and open” competition amongst all opponents. As a result, as of May 1994, the FPL Group was faced with a major question – to decrease their very own dividend payment ratio or not? Prior to Broadheld's entry to FPL, chairman Marshall McDonald expanded the types of industries FPL had been involved in through the 70's and 80's, resulting in...

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