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 Easygroup 1 Essay

Case study 9 Stretching the easy business design Allen versus. d Merwe Characterising the easyGroup business structure According to the example, 'Easy Group is a independently owned expenditure venture owned or operated by Stelios Haji-loannou' with Stelios president of Easyjet in 95. Since the beginning of Easyjet, it has expanded rapidly to a number projects with every single venture dropping under the " low cost/ low price managing concept model" (Easy group business model examination, 2008). There are a few other cheap ventures beneath the easy group brand name, namely: Easycar, EasyHotel, Easy InternetCafe, EasyCruise. Easymoney, Easypizza and has many other joint venture's. The initial venture was born under the strict policy of yield administration, that was your guideline and basis for every venture that joined Easy Group. The concept of Easy Group is to create and deliver the lowest price to customers without having added extras. This means that goods/services are collection available at the cheapest price for customers. Easy Group uses the concept of minimising human intervention, and letting technology take over processes and functions to make work easier. There might be looked at the following: Mission: Easy Group is within quest of new Business opportunities, such as the Easy Movie theater project. The simple Cinema task was created to take a look at whether a cinema exhibition enterprise could be founded. Vision: Convenient Group would like to open a multiplex, and wants to enter into the UK Cinema market. Objective: The objective is usually to see be it possible to enter into the UK Cinema marketplace, with a low cost/ reduced price management idea model. Strategic capability: Easy group previously has an well established brand name, wanting to enter the Theatre market by replicating the success of easyjet and implementing this into the fresh concept. Approach: According to the case study, Easy group wants to create Long-term capital growth by reducing the cost of living and that would extend the easy manufacturer. Yield supervision " Yield management is actually a Methodology approach to optimize/maximize the revenue attained from a fixed, perishable useful resource by understanding, anticipating and the reaction a customers reaction" (Easy group business model assessment, 2008). The goal is to sell the best goods/services for the right consumers at the most fortunate time. Yield managing is the fundamental implementation of supply and demand to develop revenues. The simple group employ Yield management through the use of technology to use significantly less resources and make issues easier just like to use the web to buy seats instead of the need to wait

Easygroup Example

You have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of a chosen organisation and present this kind of in a formal report. To accomplish this you will need to decide on a business you happen to be familiar with, a single one you operate or you know about. В

Conditions of Research

I have been asked to carry out a training needs analysis of Easy Group PlcВ History to the organization:

The easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the dramon entrepreneur. The easyGroup is the owner of the easy manufacturer and licenses it to all of the easy branded businesses, including easyJet plc, the airline Stelios started in 95 and in which he remains to be the largest single shareholder. В В

The easy brand currently functions more than a number of industries primarily in travelling, leisure, telecommunications and personal finance.

The easyGroup profits by either advertising shares in the businesses or by license or franchising the brand to reputable associates. The easy company currently functions more than a number of industries primarily in travel around, leisure, telecommunications and personal finance. Business actions:

easyJet. com


easyCar. com

easyValue. com

easyMoney. com

easyCinema. com

easyBus. co. uk

easyHotel. com

easy4men. com

easyJobs. com

easyPizza. com

easyMusic. com

easyCruise. com

easyMobile. com

easyWatch. com

easyVan. com

easyOffice. co. uk

Every easy brand name business is usually online. В And most obtain their...

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