Electrophillic Perfumed Substitution

 Essay upon Electrophillic Aromatic Substitution

п»їMegan Wierzbowski

Organic and natural II Lab

Wed. 11-1: 50

Name: Grignard Response with a Ketone: Triphenylmethanol Portion 1


The purpose of this experiment is to learn how to make Grignard reagents. The reactions of the Grignard reagents with ketones form tertiary alcohols. These kinds of reagents are highly air- and moisture-sensitive supplies. We is going to observe the creation of the Grignard reagents, which will magnesium metal is become organometallic salts.

Experimental Method:

The experiment was as adopted as in the text " Microscale Organic and natural Laboratory” by Mayo from pages 275-283. The following changes were made: We all performed the experiment through and including Isolation of Product. All of us followed the normal phenylmagnesium bromide preparation treatment, not the alternate treatment. In the solitude of product part, we did not copy the dried out ether answer to a Craig tube and instead transferred the dried ether solution to a tared, screw-cap test conduit. The elementary product was left to be dried for the next week.

Reaction System:

Data and Results:

Data and Results Table:


Diethyl Azure




Molecular Formula








1 . 3mL

0. 020g

1 amazingly

0. 107g

Molar mass (g/mol)

157. 02

seventy four. 12

24. 3

253. 8

182. 21

Thickness (g/cm3)

1 ) 495

zero. 7134

1 ) 738

5. 933

1 . 11

MP (В°C)

в€’30. 8

в€’116. 3


113. several

48. 5

BP (В°C)


thirty four. 6


184. a few

305. 4


Iodine was a brown/red color

Following adding the bromobenzene-ether remedy, it little by little turned into a gray color than a crystal clear color. Yet since I added an excessive amount of iodine, my solution actually turned back in a brown color. When adding the benzophenone, it absolutely was pink for the second, then turned cloudy/brownish color. The perfect solution is then began to turn uptempo after adding the benzophenone When removing the azure solution, the colour was yellow on top, the...

Cited: 1 . Mayo, G. W.; Pike, R. M.; Forbes, Deb. C. Microscale Organic Lab with Multistep and Multiscale Syntheses, 5th ed.; David Wiley & Sons, Incorporation., 2011; pp 368-373.

2 . Modifications for Girgnard Reaction with a Ketone: Triphenylmethanol Portion 1, Blackboard document.

a few.

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