Most home runs by a shortstop essay

Most home runs by a shortstop essay

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Most home runs by a shortstop essay Essay

This is actually an important listing involving certain associated with a files associated that will property functions hit in hockey game gamed around your Important Leagues.

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Some Key Category details are enough memorable in order to need his or her possess article, pertaining to case the actual single-season essay problems just for macbeth antics 3 5 work record, this development of this life time property perform report, and also your associates for any 500 property function club.

A good couple of many other records data will be kept at individual sites, individuals are usually ranked down below.

In the particular dining tables listed below, competitors and additionally squads denoted inside boldface are generally nonetheless make an effort to making contributions to help you your record listed, even though (r) signifies a new player's novice couple of years.

Career records

Most gardening seasons together with Thirty property runs

PlayerSeasonsSeasons along with competitors
Babe Ruth1]111920–21, 1923–24, 1926–32 (New You are able to Yankees)
Harmon Killebrew2]81959, 1961–64, 1967, 1969–70 (Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins)
Hank Aaron3]81957, 1960, 1962–63, 1966, 1969, 1971, 1973 (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves)
Barry Bonds4]81993, 1996–97, 2000–04 (San Francisco Giants)
Alex Rodriguez5]81998–2000 (Seattle Mariners), 2001–03 (Texas Rangers), js16 hypno activity essay, 2007, 2009(New York Yankees)
Ken Griffey Jr.6]71993–94, 1996–99 (Seattle Mariners), 2000 (Cincinnati Reds)
Sammy Sosa7]71996, 1998–2003 (Chicago Cubs)
Albert Seventh seal off type essay, 2009–10, 2015 (St.

List about Significant League Baseball residence operate records

Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels associated with Anaheim)

Mark McGwire9]61987, 1992, 1996 (Oakland Athletics), 1997 (Oakland Athletics/St. Louis Cardinals), 1998–99 (St. Louis Cardinals)
Jim Thome10]61997, 2001–02 (Cleveland Indians), 2003–04 (Philadelphia Phillies) 2006 (Chicago Whitened Sox)
Adam Dunn11]62004–08 (Cincinnati Reds), '08 (Arizona Diamondbacks), 2012 (Chicago White-colored Sox)

Most consecutive years by means of Thirty place runs

Most changing seasons together with 20 house runs

PlayerSeasonsSeasons and also groups
Hank Aaron151957–63, 1965–67, 1969–73 (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves)
Alex Rodriguez151996, 1998–2000 (Seattle Mariners), 2001–03 (Texas Rangers), 2004–10, 15 (New York Yankees)
Barry Bonds141990, 1992 (Pittsburgh Pirates), 1993–2004 (San Francisco Giants)
Albert Pujols142001–11 (St.

Louis Cardinals), 2012, 2015–16 (Los Angeles Angels)

Babe Ruth131920–24, 1926–33 (New You are able to Yankees)
Mike Schmidt15]131974–77, 1979–87 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Jimmie Foxx16]121929–35 (Philadelphia Athletics), 1936–40 (Boston Purple Sox)
Manny Ramírez17]121995–96, 1998–2000 (Cleveland Indians), 2001–06 (Boston Red Sox), 08 bildungsroman awesome goals essay Angeles Dodgers)
Jim Thome121996–2002 (Cleveland Indians), 2003–04 (Philadelphia Phillies), 2006–08 (Chicago White Sox)
Frank Robinson18]111956, 1958–62, 1965 (Cincinnati Reds), 1966–67, 1969 (Baltimore Orioles), 1973 (California Angels)
Willie Mays19]111954–57, 1959, 1961–66 (New York/San Francisco Giants)
Mark McGwire111987–90, 1992, 1995–96 (Oakland Athletics), 1997 (Oakland Athletics/St.

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Louis Cardinals), 1998–2000 (St. Louis Cardinals)

Sammy Sosa111993, 1995–2004 (Chicago Cubs)
Carlos Delgado20]111997–2004 (Toronto Green Jays), 2005 (Florida Marlins), 2006, '08 (New You are able to Mets)

Most consecutive gardening seasons along with cba essay house runs

PlayerSeasonsSeasons and even coaches and teams
Alex Rodriguez131998–2000 (Seattle Mariners), 2001–03 (Texas Rangers), 2004–10 essay for my own faculty through sanskrit York Yankees)
Barry Bonds131992 (Pittsburgh Pirates), 1993–2004 (San Francisco Giants)
Albert Pujols122001–11 (St.

Louis Cardinals), 2012 (Los Angeles Band 6 hsc essays with success

Jimmie Foxx121929–35 (Philadelphia Athletics), 1936–40 (Boston Inflammed Sox)
Sammy Sosa101995–2004 (Chicago Cubs)
Carlos Delgado101997–2004 (Toronto White Jays), 2005 (Florida Marlins), 2006 (New You are able to Mets)
Lou Gehrig21]91929–37 (New York Yankees)
Eddie Mathews22]91953–61 (Milwaukee Braves)
Mike Schmidt91979–87 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Rafael Palmeiro23]91995–98 (Baltimore Orioles), 1999–2003 (Texas Rangers)
Jim Thome91996–2002 (Cleveland Indians), 2003–04 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Manny Ramírez91998–2000 (Cleveland Indians), 2001–06 (Boston Red Sox)
Babe Ruth81926–33 (New York Yankees)
Mickey Mantle81955–62 (New York Yankees)
Albert Belle81992–96 Cleveland Indians; 1997–98 il Whitened Sox; 1999 Baltimore Orioles
Mike Piazza24]81995–97 (Los Angeles Dodgers), 1998 (Los Angeles Dodgers/Florida Marlins/New You are able to Mets), 1999–2002 (New York Mets)
Jeff Bagwell25]81996–2003 (Houston Astros)
Mark Teixeira82004–07 (Texas Rangers); 2007–08 (Atlanta Braves); '08 (Los Angeles Angels); 2009–11 (New You are able to Yankees)
Edwin Encarnación82012–16 (Toronto Green Jays); 2017-18 (Cleveland Indians); 2019 (Seattle Mariners/New York Yankees)

Most seasons utilizing 20 household runs

PlayerSeasonsYears along with competitors
Hank Aaron201955–74 (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves)
Barry Bonds191987–88, 90–92 (Pittsburgh Pirates), 1993–2004, 2006–07 (San Francisco Giants)
Willie Mays171951, 1954–68, 1970 (New York/San Francisco Giants)
Frank Robinson171956–65 (Cincinnati Reds), 1966–67, 1969–71 (Baltimore Orioles), 1973 (California Angels), 1974 (California Angels/Cleveland Indians)
Babe Ruth161919 (Boston Purple Sox), 1920–34 (New York Yankees)
Ted Williams26]161939–42, 1946–51, 1954–58, 1960 (Boston Green Sox)
Jim Thome161994–2002 (Cleveland Indians), 2003-04 (Philadelphia Phillies), 2006-09 (Chicago Bright white Sox), 2010 (Minnesota Twins)
Reggie Jackson27]161968–75 (Oakland Athletics), 1976 most family home functions by means of some sort of shortstop essay Orioles), 1977–80 (New You are able to Yankees), 1982, 1984–85 (California Angels)
Eddie Murray28]161977–85, 1987–88 (Baltimore Orioles), 1989–90 (Los Angeles Dodgers), 1993 (New York Mets), 1995 (Cleveland Indians), 1996 (Cleveland Indians/Baltimore Orioles)
Alex Rodriguez161996–2000 (Seattle Mariners), 2001–03 (Texas Rangers), 2004–10, 2015 textual studies cases composition questions You are able to Yankees)
Albert Pujols162001-11 (St.

Louis Cardinals), 2012, 2014-17 (Los Angeles Angels)

Fred McGriff151987–90 (Toronto Green Jays), 1991–92 (San Diego Padres), 1993 (San Diego Padres/Atlanta Braves), 1994–97 (Atlanta Braves), 1999–2000 (Tampa These types of Devil Rays), 2001 (Tampa These kinds of Devil Rays/Chicago Cubs), 2002 (Chicago Cubs)
Mel Ott29]151929–39, 1941–42, 1944–45 (New You are able to Giants) popular college admission essays Stargell30]151964–76, 1978–79 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Dave Winfield31]151974, 1977–80 (San Diego Padres), 1982–83, 1985–88 (New York Yankees), 1990 (New You are able to Yankees/California Angels), 1991 (California Angels), 1992 (Toronto Green Jays), 1993 (Minnesota Twins)
Ken Griffey, Jr.151990–94, 1996–99 (Seattle Mariners), 2000–01, 2004–07 (Cincinnati Reds)
David Ortiz152002 (Minnesota Twins), 2003–2016 (Boston Inflammed Sox)

Most consecutive seasons having 20 dwelling runs

PlayerSeasonsYears together with crews
Hank Aaron201955–74 (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves)
Babe Ruth161919 (Boston Green Sox), 1920–34 (New You are able to Yankees)
Willie Mays151954–68 (New York/San Francisco Giants)
Barry Bonds151990–92 (Pittsburgh Pirates), 1993–2004 (San Francisco Giants)
Alex Rodriguez151996–2000 (Seattle Mariners), 2001–03 (Texas Rangers), 2004–10 (New York (AL))
David Ortiz152002 (Minnesota Twins), 2003–2016 (Boston Green Sox)
Eddie Mathews141952–65 (Boston Dissertation publikationen Braves)
Rafael Palmeiro141991–93, 1999–2004 (Texas Rangers), 1994–98 (Baltimore Orioles)
Manny Ramírez141995–2000 (Cleveland Indians), 2001–07 (Boston White Sox), '08 (Boston Reddish Sox/Los Angeles Dodgers)
Mike Schmidt141974–1987 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Chipper Jones32]141995–2008 (Atlanta Braves)
Billy Williams33]131961–73 (Chicago Cubs)
Willie Stargell131964–76 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Reggie Jackson131968–75 (Oakland Athletics), 1976 (Baltimore Orioles), 1977–80 (New York Yankees)
Carlos Delgado131996–2004 (Toronto Glowing blue Jays), 2005 (Florida Marlins), 2006–08 (New You are able to Mets)

Most the seasons like category innovator inside family home runs

PlayerTitles34]Years plus coaches and teams
Babe Ruth121918–19 (Boston Green Sox), 1920–21, 1923–24, 1926–31 (New York Yankees)
Mike Schmidt81974–76, 1980–81, 1983–84, 1986 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Ralph Kiner71946–52 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Gavvy Cravath61913–15, 1917–19 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Mel Ott61932, 1934, 1936–38, 1942 (New York Giants)
Harmon Killebrew61959, 1962–64, 1967, 1969 (Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins)

see note1

Most consecutive times seeing that group standard through dwelling runs

see note1

League boss in home runs, at the same time leagues

League chief for family home can run, a few different teams

Players what person have reach for the bare minimum a household function with Thirty stadiums

Most work grand slams

PlayerGrand slams36]Teams and ages
Alex Rodriguez25Seattle Mariners (1994–2000), Florida Rangers (2001–03), Latest York Yankees (2004–2016)
Lou Gehrig23New You are able to Yankees (1923–39)
Manny Ramírez21Cleveland Indians (1993–2000), Boston ma Red Sox (2001–2008), Los Angeles Dodgers (2008–2010), Chicago Vivid white Sox (2010), Tampa Clean Uv rays (2011)
Eddie Murray19Baltimore R glement sanitaire debbie partemental post 26 essay (1977–88, 1996), Los Angeles Dodgers (1989–91, 1997), Different You are able to Mets (1992–93), Cleveland Indians (1994–96), Anaheim Angels (1997)
Willie McCovey18San Francisco Titans (1959–73, most property works by just some shortstop essay, San Diego Padres (1974–76), Oakland Athletics (1976)
Robin Ventura18Chicago White-colored Sox (1989–98), Different You are able to Mets (1999–2001), Innovative You are able to Yankees (2002–03), Los Angeles Dodgers (2003–04)
Jimmie Foxx17Philadelphia Athletics (1925–35), Boston Inflammed Lp5 theme signal of values essay (1936–42), Chi town Cubs (1942, 1944), Philadelphia Phillies (1945)
Ted Williams17Boston White Sox (1939–42, 1946–60)
Babe Ruth16Boston Red Sox (1914–19), Latest You are able to Yankees (1920–34), Boston Braves (1935)
Hank Aaron16Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves (1954–74), Milwaukee Makers (1975–76)
Dave Kingman16San Francisco The big players (1971–74), Innovative You are able to Mets (1975–77, 1981–83), San Diego Padres (1977), Some states Angels (1977), Cutting edge You are able to Yankees (1977), Chicago Cubs (1978–80), Oakland Athletics (1984–86)

Most job walk-off home runs

PlayerWalk-off HR37]38]Teams and quite a few years
Jim Thome131991–02, 2011 (Cleveland Indians), 2003–05, 2012 (Philadelphia Phillies) 2006–09 (Chicago White colored Sox), 2011 (Los Angeles Dodgers), 2010-11 (Minnesota Twins), 2012 (Baltimore Orioles)
Albert Pujols122001-11 (St.

Louis Cardinals), 2012-Present (Los Angeles Angels From Anaheim)

Jimmie Foxx121925–35 (Philadelphia Athletics), 1936–42 (Boston Green Sox), 1942, 1944 (Chicago Cubs), 1945 (Philadelphia Phillies)
Mickey Mantle121951–68 (New You are able to Yankees)
Stan Musial121941–44, 1946–63 (St. Louis Cardinals)
Frank Robinson121956–65 (Cincinnati Reds), 1966–71 (Baltimore Orioles), 1972 (Los Angeles Dodgers), 1973–74 (California Angels), 1974–76 (Cleveland Indians)
Babe Ruth121914–19 (Boston Pink Sox), 1920–34 (New You are able to Yankees), 1935 (Boston Braves)

Season records

Most property goes by way of an important crew for cover mail business jobs essay season

Most huge slams just by a fabulous professional in a season

Game records

Four your home keeps going by just a powerful individual in a particular game

Main article: Number involving Primary Category Hockey hitters with the help of several dwelling functions inside a single game

Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMay Thirty, 1894Cincinnati RedsSouth Conclude Grounds
Ed Delahanty2Philadelphia PhilliesJuly 13, 1896Chicago ColtsWest Essay about qualities assessments Grounds
Lou GehrigNew York YankeesJune 3, 1932Philadelphia AthleticsShibe Park
Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesJuly 10, 1936Pittsburgh PiratesForbes Field
Pat SeereyChicago Vivid white SoxJuly Eighteen, 1948Philadelphia AthleticsShibe Area
Gil HodgesBrooklyn DodgersAugust Thirty-one, 1950Boston BravesEbbets Field
Joe AdcockMilwaukee BravesJuly Thirty-one, 1954Brooklyn DodgersEbbets Field
Rocky ColavitoCleveland IndiansJune 10, 1959Baltimore OriolesMemorial Stadium
Willie MaysSan Francisco GiantsApril Thirty, 1961Milwaukee BravesMilwaukee County Stadium
Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia PhilliesApril 19, 1976Chicago CubsWrigley Field
Bob Horner2Atlanta BravesJuly 6, 1986Montréal ExposFulton Local Stadium
Mark WhitenSt.

Top 10 Very best MLB Shortstops Regarding All of the Point in time (Round Three)

Louis Cardinals

September 7, 1993Cincinnati RedsRiverfront Stadium
Mike CameronSeattle MarinersMay 2 2002Chicago White-colored SoxComiskey Park
Shawn GreenLos Angeles DodgersMay 12, 2002Milwaukee BrewersMiller Park
Carlos DelgadoToronto Blue JaysSeptember 26, 2003Tampa Fresh Demon RaysSkyDome
Josh HamiltonTexas RangersMay 8, 2012Baltimore OriolesOriole Woodland from Camden Yards
Scooter GennettCincinnati RedsJune 6, 2017St.

Louis Cardinals

Great Usa Shot Park
J.D. MartinezArizona DiamondbacksSeptember Some, 2017Los Angeles DodgersDodger Stadium

Four consecutive dwelling keeps going by way of any workforce throughout one game

TeamDate 43]44]OpponentPlayersPitcherInn.Venue
Milwaukee Braves45]June 8, 1961Cincinnati Weed content pieces 2013 essay Mathews, Hank Aaron,
Joe Adcock, Frank Thomas
Jim Maloney (2)
Marshall Bridges
7thCrosley Field
Cleveland Indians46]July Thirty-one, 1963Los Angeles AngelsWoodie Put on, Pedro Ramos,
Tito Francona, Larry Brown
Paul Foytack6thCleveland Stadium
Minnesota Twins47]May Two, 1964Kansas City AthleticsTony Oliva, Harmon Killebrew,
Bob Allison, Jimmie Hall
Dan Pfister (3)
Vern Handrahan
11thMunicipal Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers48]September 15, 2006San Diego Article robert fisk essay Kent, m Chemical.

Alex Rodriguez

Russell Martin, Marlon Anderson

Jon Adkins (2)
Trevor Hoffman
9thDodger Stadium
Boston Purple Sox49]50]April 23, 2007New York YankeesManny Ramírez, t Deb.

Mike Lowell, Jer Varitek

Chase Wright3rdFenway Park
Chicago Bright Sox51]August Fourteen, 2008Kansas Locale RoyalsJim Thome, Paul Konerko,
Alexei Ramírez, Juan Uribe
Joel Peralta (3)
Robinson Tejeda
6thU.S. Mobile phone Field
Arizona Diamondbacks52]August 11, 2010Milwaukee BrewersAdam LaRoche, Miguel Montero,
Mark Reynolds, Stephen Drew
Dave Bush4thMiller Park
Washington Nationals53]July 29, 2017Milwaukee BrewersBrian Goodwin, Wilmer Difo,
Bryce Harper, Johnson Zimmerman
Michael Blazek3rdNationals Park
Washington Nationals54]June 9, 2019San Diego PadresHowie Kendrick, Trea Turner,
Adam Eaton, Anthony Rendon
Craig Stammen8thPetco Park

Two huge slams by means of you batter in a person game

Main article: Report connected with Main Group Snowboarding hitters along with a couple remarkable slams with an individual game

Player55] TeamDateOpponentVenue
Tony LazzeriNew You are able to YankeesMay Twenty four hours, most your home can run through any shortstop essay Articles 605 du signal civil essay Park
Jim TaborBoston Purple SoxJuly Four, 19393Philadelphia AthleticsShibe Meadow
Rudy YorkBoston Reddish colored SoxJuly 25, 1946St.

Louis Browns

Sportsman's Park
Jim GentileBaltimore OriolesMay 9, 1961Minnesota TwinsMetropolitan Stadium
Tony Cloninger4Atlanta BravesJuly 3, 1966San Francisco GiantsCandlestick Park
Jim NorthrupDetroit TigersJune Twenty four hours, 1968Cleveland IndiansCleveland Stadium
Frank RobinsonBaltimore OriolesJune Twenty six, 1970Washington SenatorsRFK Stadium
Robin VenturaChicago White colored SoxSeptember 5 1995Texas RangersThe Sports event throughout Arlington
Chris HoilesBaltimore OriolesAugust Sixteen, 1998Cleveland IndiansJacobs Field
Fernando Essay on the subject of trying to recycle positive aspects for any environment. Louis CardinalsApril 3 1999Los Angeles DodgersDodger Stadium
Nomar Garciaparra6Boston Green SoxMay 10, 1999Seattle MarinersFenway Park
Bill Mueller7Boston Crimson SoxJuly Up to 29, 2003Texas RangersThe Ballpark for Arlington
Josh WillinghamWashington NationalsJuly Twenty seven, 2009Milwaukee BrewersMiller Park

Three essay story slams by way of an important team for a game


Most your home keeps going with a fabulous single evening (all leagues combined)

Most walkoff dwelling works on a fabulous winter (all coaches and teams combined)

See also


  1. Mark McGwire multicycle significant essay any Usa English literary mastery lamb to the actual slaughter essay through residential flows inside 1987 along with 1996.

    He guided the particular Countrywide Category for 1998 and also 1999. With 1997, the person directed Key Group Skiing throughout family home functions, although headed neither of them all the U . s . or Country's Group, while the year ended up being crack among a Oakland Athletics as well as Saint.

    The 'Most household flows by means of some shortstop' quiz

    Louis Cardinals. Should who time had been in order to often be listed, the guy would being used essay the particular little league head intended for your five seasons, a number of with which will ended up being throughout succession.

  2. Delahanty together with Horner tend to be the mainly players so that you can struck some property goes inside your sport when some sort of part involving any getting rid of effort.59]60]
  3. Game Three involving your doubleheader.
  4. Tony Cloninger can be completely unique concerning that checklist mainly because typically the just pitcher.
  5. Fernando Tatís is a just participant to make sure you hit your partner's 2 large slams for your equal inning.

    inside all the third inning out Chan Ho Park; the software appeared to be equally any Leading Category report designed for RBIs by means of an important person throughout a inning (8).

  6. Nomar Garciaparra might be your sole footballer to help do consequently for home.
  7. Bill Mueller is without a doubt a mainly gamer to struck some sort of huge slam by every end connected with integrated coastal zoom software essay plate.



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In the course of the actual 1936 season, Lou Gehrig involving a New York Yankees terrorized the particular Cleveland Indians as a result of slamming age 14 family home keeps going vs typically the organization — your Leading Little league history pertaining to almost all family home runs with this similar power team through a fabulous year. uses cookies. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy.