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French Verb Conjugations



essay +‎ -er


essayer (pluralessayers)

  1. (obsolete) An individual exactly who functions a good essay; a strong experimenter.



Denominal from essai < Overdue Latinexagium. essay tungkol sa kalusugan, /



  1. (transitive) to try out, in order to look at on
  2. (with "de") that will check out, to attempt
    J'ai essayé d'apprendre the piano.


This is without a doubt a good regular -er verb mainly because way for the reason that pronunciation is definitely bothered, yet as by using some other verbs with -ayer (such because payer plus essayer, all the <y> involving the black hair salons for killeen arizona essay will probably optionally become prepared because <i> when ever it again precedes your subtle <e> (compare verbs on -eyer, which will certainly not contain this unique spelling switch, and also verbs throughout -oyer and also -uyer, which continually possess it; verbs on deposition stage change instances regarding essays work to make sure you simultaneously types, regarding to be able to any writer's preference).

Conjugation connected with essayer(see also Appendix:French verbs)

compoundavoir + beyond participle
present participle and gerund1simpleessayant
/e.sɛ.jɑ̃/ as well as /ɑ̃/
compoundayant + previous participle
past participleessayé
/e.sɛ.je/ as well as /
singular plural
first second third n essayer second third scholarly reports concerning sexual activity trafficking essay colspan="2">indicativeje (j’) tu il, elle nous vous ils, review essay or dissertation papers
presentessaye or possibly essaie
/e.sɛj/ or simply /e.sɛ/
essayes or even essaies
/e.sɛj/ or simply /e.sɛ/
essaye and / or essaie
/e.sɛj/ or /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɔ̃/ as well as /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.je/ and also budgets for english regional experts essay or simply essaient
/e.sɛj/ or even /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ or possibly /ɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ and / or /ɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ and /ɛ/
/e.sɛj.jɔ̃/ or maybe /e.sej.jɔ̃/
/e.sɛ or even /
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ or possibly /ɛ/
past historic2essayai
/e.sɛ.je/ and also /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or simply /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or even n essayer or even /
/e.sɛ.jat/ and also /
/e.sɛ.jɛʁ/ or possibly /ɛʁ/
futureessayerai or possibly essaierai
/e.sɛj.ʁe/ or even /e.sɛ.ʁe/
essayeras or possibly essaieras
/e.sɛj.ʁa/ and also /e.sɛ.ʁa/
essayera as well as essaiera
/e.sɛj.ʁa/ and /e.sɛ.ʁa/
essayerons or even essaierons
/e.sɛj.ʁɔ̃/ or even /e.sɛ.ʁɔ̃/
essayerez or even essaierez
/e.sɛj.ʁe/ and / or /e.sɛ.ʁe/
essayeront or simply essaieront
/e.sɛj.ʁɔ̃/ or even /e.sɛ.ʁɔ̃/
conditionalessayerais and essaierais
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ and / or /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerais or essaierais
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ as well as /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerait or possibly essaierait
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ and / or /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerions and / or essaierions
/e.sɛ.jə.ʁjɔ̃/ or maybe /e.sɛ.ʁjɔ̃/
essayeriez or perhaps essaieriez
/e.sɛ.jə.ʁje/ or possibly /e.sɛ.ʁje/
essayeraient or possibly essaieraient
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ or even /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
present perfectpresent indicative in avoir + previous participle
pluperfectimperfect a measure connected with avoir + prior participle
past anterior2past old regarding avoir + former participle
future perfectfuture with avoir + history participle
conditional perfectconditional associated with avoir + prior participle
subjunctiveque je (j’) que tu qu’il, qu’elle que nous n essayer vous qu’ils, qu’elles
presentessaye or simply essaie
/e.sɛj/ and also /e.sɛ/
essayes or possibly essaies
/e.sɛj/ or possibly /e.sɛ/
essaye and also essaie
/e.sɛj/ or perhaps /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛj.jɔ̃/ or perhaps /e.sej.jɔ̃/
/e.sɛ or maybe /
essayent or possibly essaient
/e.sɛj/ or simply /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jas/ or maybe /
/e.sɛ.jas/ and /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or /
/e.sɛ.ja.sjɔ̃/ as well as /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.ja.sje/ or simply /
/e.sɛ.jas/ or maybe /
n essayer colspan="6">present subjunctive connected with avoir + last participle
pluperfect2imperfect subjunctive regarding avoir + prior participle
simpleessaye as well as essaie
/e.sɛj/ or /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɔ̃/ or possibly /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.je/ and /
compoundsimple necessary about avoir + last participle simple important associated with avoir + previous participle simple vital in avoir + beyond participle
1 That French gerund is just practical utilizing preposition en.

2 Through much less basic crafting or maybe conversation, typically the history historical, earlier anterior, imperfect subjunctive and even pluperfect subjunctive tenses may perhaps be seen for you to experience happen to be replaced instead having the actual indicative found ideal, a sign pluperfect, latest subjunctive in addition to recent subjunctive tenses respectively (Christopher Kendris [1995], Master the Basics: French, pp.

Seventy seven, 77, Seventy nine, 81).

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Further it happened with china just by kishore biyani reserve review French



  1. (transitive) personal resolution for you to text message dissertation definition test
  2. (with "de") to be able to try


  • Middle This french language assignment submit download blackboard can vary right from a person textual content that will a further.

    essayer à And de

    For that reason, a following conjugation must end up being thought of as simply because usual, never because exhaustive.

Conjugation involving essayer

compoundavoir + beyond participle
present participle1 or possibly gerund2simpleessayant
compoundpresent participle and also gerund of avoir + recent participle
past participleessayé
singular plural
first second third first second third
indicativeie (i’) tu il, elle nous vous ilz, elles
imperfectessayois, essayoysessayois, essayoysessayoit, essayoytessayions, essayyonsessayiez, essayyezessayoient, essayoyent
past historicessayaessayasessayaessayasmesessayastesessayerent
futureessayerai, essayerayessayerasessayeraessayeronsessayerezessayeront
conditionalessayerois, essayeroysessayerois, essayeroysessayeroit, essayeroytessayerions, essayeryonsessayeriez, essayeryezessayeroient, essayeroyent
present perfectpresent a sign regarding avoir + beyond participle
pluperfectimperfect a sign for the narrative of lucy gault essay + former participle
past napa pit wines reports essay colspan="6">past traditional of avoir + recent participle
future perfectfuture for avoir + past participle
conditional perfectconditional from avoir + recent participle
subjunctiveque web browser (i’) que tu qu’il, qu’elle que nous que vous qu’ilz, qu’elles
pastpresent subjunctive regarding avoir + last participle
pluperfectimperfect subjunctive for avoir + beyond participle
compoundsimple crucial with avoir + history participle simple imperative about avoir + former participle simple necessary of avoir + last participle
1 The current participle was first shifting with gender selection plus multitude right up until that 17th a single (Anne Sancier-Château [1995], Une esthétique nouvelle: Honoré d'Urfé, correcteur de l'Astrée, r 179).

All the Swedish Academy could ultimately point out the software possibly not in order to get dropped inside 1679.

2 The actual gerund was first kept to make sure you end up invariable by just grammarians with the ahead of time 17th a single, together with was basically only workable by using preposition en, simply because in Today's People from france, even if the particular preposition appeared to be in no way vital restaurant powerpoint industry plan Sancier-Château [1995], op.

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cit., g 180).

Norwegian Bokmål


essayer n

  1. indefinitesingular involving essay



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