en1320 graded assignments 111313

 en1320 graded assignments 111313 Essay



Make up I

Onsite Course


Table of Contents

Unit 1 Job 1: Page to Instructor3

Unit 1 Exercise you: Prewriting Approaches Exploration5

Device 1 Lab 1: Obtaining and Making use of Electronic Writing Resources6 Product 2 Laboratory 1: ITT Tech Online Library Exploration9

Unit a couple of Assignment you: Change of Audience—Letter to Peer10

Product 2 Project 2: Theme, Angle, and Purpose11

Unit 2 Assignment 3: Genre Essay—Memoir or Profile12

Product 3 Assignment 1: Revising the Memoir or Profile13

Unit 3 Assignment a couple of: Reflection on Essay Writing14

Unit a few Exercise one particular: Analyzing Paragraphs15

Unit several Exercise 2: Guided Reading16

Unit 5 Lab 1: Revised and Polished Essay—Memoir or Profile21 Unit four Project Portion 1: Crew Roles and Selection of Materials for Analysis22 Unit some Assignment 1: Résumé24

Unit 4 Project 2: Cover Letter25

Unit 4 Exercise 1: Guided Reading26

Unit 5 Project 1: Genre Essay—Proposal Draft33

Unit a few Assignment a couple of: Peer Review Feedback Form34

Unit a few Exercise one particular: Guided Reading35

Unit five Project Component 2: PowerPoint Presentation37

Unit 6 Research Paper Component 1: Composing a Research Issue and Doing work Thesis38 Device 6 Study Paper Part 2: Study Paper First Draft39

Product 6 Workout 1: Guided Reading—Finding Options and Building a Portfolio44 Unit 6 Task 1: Self-Edit and Revision Worksheet (Proposal)46 Unit six Lab one particular: Genre Essay—Report (Drafting)47

Device 7 Task 1: Applying Empirical Tools48

Unit six Project Portion 3: Crew Debrief Summary Sheet and Reflection in Collaborative Composing and distribution of Rhetorical Analysis49 Product 7 Study Paper Part 3: Annotated Bibliography pertaining to Research Paper51 Unit six Research Newspaper Part 4: Body Paragraphs52

Unit several Exercise you: Group Presentations—Preventing Plagiarism53 Unit 7 Physical exercise 2: Well guided Reading54

Product 8 Assignment 1: APA Reference Page55

Unit almost 8 Research Newspaper Part 5—Rough Draft56

Unit 8 Study Presentation 1: PowerPoint Business presentation of Research Findings60 Product 9 Exploration Presentation 1: Oral Business presentation of Study Findings with PowerPoint65 Device 9 Lab 1: Composing a Profile of the Business66

Product 9 Assignment 1: Looking at a Profile67

Unit 12 Assignment 1: Response to a Memoir68

Device 10 Exploration Paper Portion 6: Last Draft of Research Paper69 Unit 10 Exercise 1: Reflection Essay71

Unit 10 Exercise 2: ePortfolio Submitting of Writing Portfolio (ePortfolio)72

Unit you Assignment 1: Letter to Instructor

Course Objectives and Learning Results

Demonstrate mastery of the composing process, by invention to revision. Apply principles of composition to gauge the effectiveness of multiple rhetorical tactics. Build a community of colleagues in the classroom.

Employ prewriting tactics and equipment.

Assignment Requirements

Draft a letter to your teacher sharing aims and issues as you start this course. Use the prewriting you generated for Unit one particular Exercise 1 (during the in-class laboratory session in this unit) being a starting point. At the time you get it back again from your teacher, be sure to preserve it.

Within your letter, cover the following issues:

Your goals pertaining to the class

How you plan to attain your goals

Everything you hope will not likely happen from this class

The concerns, concerns, or any identified challenges concerning this category

Your notification must be organized to include the following:

Sender (your) name and address

Beneficiary (instructor's) brand and addresses

Salutation (Dear ____________, )


Valediction (Yours really, )

Personal unsecured

Required Assets

Unit 1 Exercise you, to be designed in lab

Submission Requirements

Submit your letter like a Microsoft Term document in hard copy or electronic format in line with the instructor's specifications. Use Instances New Roman 12-point typeface, single-spaced. The letter should certainly follow the suggested format as identified in the lecture.

Letter to Instructor Rubric














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