Examine Factors Leading to Low Overall health Expectancy in the Developed Community. Critically Evaluate Possible Approaches to These Complications.

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 Evaluate Elements Contributing to Low Health Expectancy in the Created World. Seriously Assess Likely Solutions to These kinds of Problems. Dissertation

| | |Final Essay | |Title: Evaluate elements contributing to low health expectancy in the produced world. Critically assess feasible solutions to | |these complications. | | | |Student's name: Dai Shuang | |T number: T2219744 | |Module: PM501-3T | |Title: Final Dissertation | |Tutor: Chen-Grigg Ling | |2010-12-2


Last Essay Strategy


1 ) The data of low overall health expectancy in United Kingdom and United States installment payments on your the reasons of low overall health expectancy are junk food and computer: a. Junk food brings about fats and related disease

b. Laptop bring about various physical health problems

3. You will find three alternatives:

a. Reduce to eat junk food

b. Increased outdoor activity

c. Government pass on related info

Main body system:

1 . Reasons:

A. Junk food is one of the main reasons of brief life

a. Junk food recieve more fats, sugars and calories from fat than physique needs w. Junk food can affect people's mental health

B. Computer is another reason of short your life

a. Too much exposure to computer will lead to eyesight troubles, beoing underweight and other diseases in the long term on people. m. In modern times, computer system disease became a common disease, and many individuals have visual discomfort, neck and shoulder problems. 2 . Solutions:

a. reducing to have junk food and eating even more fruits and vegetables. w. Increase sports activity can help persons keep determine and improve the protecting ability of body to avoid computer diseases. c. Government should motivate people to guard self overall health Conclusion:

1 ) Junk food and computer will lead to a large number of often-fatal diseases, and damage people's into the reduce their particular life. installment payments on your Through 3 solutions can improve people's life style and enhance health and fitness, and improve people's overall health expectancy. Research:

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