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Supresion State Polytechnic University

Sta. Cruz Main Campus

College of Anatomist

Supervised Professional Training (SIT)

Weekly Report

June 24- 28, 2013

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Barile, Eleanor D.

Estimator/ Researcher

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It is the first week of the Supervised Commercial Training (SIT) in Areza Development and Marketing Organization so were excited and slightly anxious on the first day because we face different kind of people in business community. And we are very mindful that our director isВ strict and so that's our first impression to him but our supervisor is very modest to us. We have the orientation regarding the rules and regulations with the company. They will assigned all of us to measure the parking lot with the areza city center shopping center project. We used testing tape of 30 metres long to measure the part of the parking lot. The spot of the building is trapezoidal in determine and the evaluate we got is definitely 90 yards on the base, 33 metres on the initially height, 25. 5 yards on the second height, and 90. several meters for the hypotenuse. Following we got the measure of the parking lot, all of us assigned to design it. So we study the sizes of the cars, on our research we have the size of a bus can be 3 by simply 10, pertaining to car is definitely 2 . five by five, for motorcycle is 0. 8 simply by 2, and for tricycle is 1 . 5 by 2 in yards. And then we draw our design over a bond daily news then complete it to our supervisor. They assigned all of us to research about the stiffener column and lintel beam that is used for the mall. Stiffener column is usually anything which can be supporting into a beam or column to reduce the buckling failure due to high deflection and unbalanced eccentric load with a shear tab. The shear tabs is welded to the main part and bolted to the secondary part web. The secondary column can be leveled or sloped. There is a Molded shear tabs with line stiffeners, designed shear tab with column stiffeners, the secondary component is sloped. Shaped shear tab with column stiffeners. Bolts are aligned together with the secondary portion. Shaped shear tab...

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