Analysing the info Created By simply Copper Displacing Silver within a Silver Nitrate Solution

 Analysing the info Created By Copper Displacing Silver in a Silver Nitrate Solution Article



This research laboratory was done to achieve lots of things, such as creating the properly well-balanced chemical equation using mol ratios also to confirm and apply the guidelines of stoichiometry in a actual situation with collected info.


Water piping wire


Clean dried beaker

0. 75g (approx. ) sterling silver nitrate

100mL (approx. ) water

Goblet rod (stirring)

Filter conventional paper

Distilled drinking water


Take note: The watch goblet, and acetone were not used during this lab.


Make reference to hand-out linen " Deciding the Amount of Silver Displaced Coming from Silver Nitrate by Copper”.



Mass (g)

Mass of copper ahead of reaction

installment payments on your 24g

Mass of water piping after effect

2 . 14g

Mass of beaker

171. 10g

Mass of beaker and silver precious metal nitrate

171. 64g

Mass of filtration paper

0. 64g

Mass of filtration system paper and silver

zero. 98g


Qualitative Remark

Copper line placed in silver nitrate option

No immediate chemical physical change happened.

Unadulterated water included with silver nitrate solution

Not any visible response occurred, the beaker's items remained translucent. Silver nitrate dissolved in the water. Copper wire put into the metallic nitrate and distilled water Copper wire changed in colour to black even though the solution continued to be unchanged. Copper wire placed in silver nitrate and unadulterated water more than a long period of time With time to keep the reaction procedure overnight, the copper line showed even more change in color to a deeper black and vibrant reds, even though the solution started to be opaque and gray. Filtered answer of silver precious metal nitrate and water departing the silver in the filtering paper The answer was blocked leaving a shiny sterling silver, while leaving the strained solution green in color and funeste Moisture removal of silver in filter daily news over a lengthy period of time The silver continued to be unchanged apart from the evaporation procedure.


1 . I) AgNO3 (aq) + Cu(s) в†’ Ag(s) + CuNO3 (aq)

II) 2AgNO3 (aq) + Cu(s) в†’2 Ag(s) & Cu[NO3]2 (aq)

2 . A) Mass of silver sama dengan mass of filter daily news and silver - mass of filtering paper

=0. 98g - 0. 64g

=0. 34g

n= meters n= zero. 34gn= 0. 00315 mol

M 107. 9 g/mol

∴ The amount of silver precious metal produced was 0. 00315 mol.

B) Mass of copper employed = birdwatcher before effect - birdwatcher after effect

= 2 . 24g - installment payments on your 14g

=0. 1g

n= m n= zero. 1gn= zero. 00157 mol

M 63. 55 g/mol

∴ The number of copper used was 0. 00157 mol.

C) Mass of silver precious metal nitrate = mass of beaker and silver nitrate - mass of beaker

=171. 64g - 171. 1g

=0. 54g

n= m n= 0. 54gn= 0. 00333 mol

M 169. 91 g/mol

∴ How much silver nitrate used was 0. 00333 mol.

several. A) If perhaps Cuprous Nitrate is formed:

Cu: Ag = 1: 1

0. 00157 mol: zero. 00315 mol в‰ you: 1

If Copper (II) Nitrate is formed:

Cu: Ag = you: 2

zero. 00157 mol: 0. 00315 mol = 1: two

B) In the event Cuprous Nitrate is formed:

AgNO3: Ag sama dengan 1: you

0. 00333 nol: zero. 00315 mol = 1: 1

If Copper (II) Nitrate is formed:

AgNO3: Ag = two: 2

zero. 00333 mol: 0. 00315 mol = 2: two

4. In the calculations over, we can consider that Copper mineral (II) Nitrate was formed as being a product as the mol proportion of copper mineral used and silver developed was 1: 2 ( or zero. 00157 mol: 0. 00315 mol).

5. AgNo3 Cu

n= m n= meters

Meters M

n= 0. 54g n= 2 . 24g

169. 91 g/mol 107. on the lookout for g/mol

n= 0. 0033 moln= 0. 02075 mol

two 1

∴ AgNO3 is definitely the limiting reagent

AgNO3 (2)

Ag (2)

0. 0033 mol

∴ 0. 0033 mol

0. 0033 mol = meters

107. 9 g/mol

m = 0. 356g

∴ The mass with the silver that will have been made assuming the response went to finalization (theoretical yield) would have recently been 0. 356g.

6. % yield sama dengan actual deliver x 90...

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