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Case 2

Applied Marketing

Table of Content

Business Summary

Problem Statement

Condition Analysis:

Part 1-Industry Evaluation

Part 2-Competitor Analysis

Portion 3-Company Examination

Part 4-Customer Analysis

Part 5-Planning Supposition

Summary of Situation Evaluation


Decision Criteria's

Alternative Analysis

Planning Assumptions

Alternatives (Financials)

Choice and Rationale


Executive overview

Executive Training Inc. is actually a successful firm providing advertising sales practicing agricultural companies. Tom Jackson, president and owner of ETI (Executive training inc. ) started the business seventeen years ago. Because of the rapid development of internet use, Tom chooses to investigate the concept of an online type of his training applications, whether this initial expenditure, at first regarded as very high, may be worth the risk, and whether the preservation of this capital until the marketplace is safe enough to grow into is a better idea. The following pages show an analysis of the particular issue, and how we all chose to resolve it. Just before deciding on any kind of marketing actions, we analyzed the company as well as the agribusiness market situations to make certain problematic areas would be defined and handled before anything was spent. Also, by using different advertising mediums and promotional tools along with financials i was able to calculate breakeven's along with the number of pupils that would be needed in order to make this kind of idea be a success. We found that out of all the alternatives, Direct Mail was your most guaranteeing of all strategies. The following portions will display how come exactly all of us made that choice.

Problem Statement

Ben Jackson, president and owner of ETI (Executive Training Inc. ) are looking into whether or not growing his teaching programs to the added Internet delivery centered system is recommended. While inspecting this case, the largest problem was whether or not the target audience for this new product line is substantial enough and probably would not take away via his existing services.

Some essential issues that created in making the decision of including online courses was the large initial expenditure versus an equally risky. The market is new and a customer base is sketchy and though high start-up cost, boundaries to access are relatively small , and risk of long term competition exists, especially since other identical training courses exist currently. The return on the growth and revenue margin also propose a warning transmission that the initial investment may not be worth raise the risk. Another issue was the rendering of a new marketing department to reach this kind of untapped marketplace. ETI features previously become by through either return customers or perhaps word of mouth. A new salaried sales representative or marketing scheme might prove to be lost or the technique of the promoting plan picked could be inappropriate considering the company has never were required to market themselves to any individual before.

The solution we chose to answer these important issues and our main problem of a sketchy market for this new product line and whether it could take away from his existing companies was to choose alternative two. A marketing prepare that would have got a one time fixed cost to create trial CDs with the course. Most of the people who have read about online teaching discovered that on the internet according to the questionnaire, so their reasonable to talk about most people interested would also have a computer This technique would provide not just a way to see if online training is correct for each company although also assure every possible customer is made conscious of our merchandise, how functions, and its rewards Situation Research

Industry research

ETI (executive Training Inc. ) is known as a marketing and sales training organization concentrating on farming companies. Ben Jackson, owner and director, is exploring options of an additional online delivery based training course.

The online training industry is incredibly...

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