Franche Lesson Prepare - Demonstrative Pronouns

 Communicative Lessons Plan -- Demonstrative Pronouns Essay

Communicative Lesson Program

EDL 113






A Expansive Grammar Lesson Plan

Demonstrative Pronouns

Robelynn S. Deocampo

Christopher At the. Omega

Target Learners:

Period Allotment:

Philippine Tour guide students learning English as a Second Language Age ranges 20-22

Starters to Pre-intermediate level

1 hour and 30 minutes

I. Aims

A. Basic Objectives

W. Specific Objectives/

Support Abilities

At the end of the lesson, scholars should be able to:

a. understand the usage and that means of demonstrative pronouns n. apply their knowledge of demonstrative pronouns within their actual professional work

At the end of the activities, the students should be able to: a. recognize the situations and conditions when should you use a

b. particular demonstrative pronoun;

c. speak meaningful sentences applying their learning of demonstrative pronouns; use demonstrative pronouns to symbolize places;

d. conduct a tour in regards to place with foreigners.

II. Subject Matter

A. Language Target

B. Connection Function

C. Other Topics

Demonstrative Pronouns (this, these, that, those)

Exploring different locations and writing information about these types of places with individuals

Posting general details about a place

Narrating historical events that can be connected with a place 3. Materials

A. Visuals/Handouts

W. Other Things

C. Referrals

UP Diliman Maps

(retrieved from your UP Diliman Website:

Mini-brochures of various tourist spots (Luneta Park, Dentro, Fort Santiago, National Museum)

Handouts made up of itinerary courses (see appendix)

IV. Procedure


(10 minutes)

For this component, the students will have an activity. The teachers mention the activity as well as its mechanics.

Before the students appear, there are previously hidden roadmaps around the College of Education.

Your class begins with a game referred to as The Amazing Competition. The class will be divided into several (4) groups. Each of them will probably be given a map to search for treasures (see Appendix to get clues and script). Once they find the treasure, they will go back to the classroom. The first staff who returns receives a unique prize.

After the activity, the teacher briefly explains that tourism hot spots are distinctive places which in turn reflect the culture and history of that place and a country on the larger size. To become good tour guides, they must be well-versed in the history and significance of your place. To serve visitors well, they need to have a basic competency of using the British language.

Eventually, they will be involved in traveling exchange learners. These international students want to go to several places in Manila. All their task is always to tour all of them around an assigned place, for example is definitely Fort Santiago. They will be supplied brochures and several information about the place. B. EXPAND

actual touring, outside the classroom, guiding the tourists around UP and sharing several info using the demonstrative pronouns



Signs for Amazing Race (Engage)


1 . Go ahead front the Benitez Theatre.

installment payments on your A girl in maong trousers and basic white tee shirt is standing in front the left access of the theater.

Approach her and state: " Our company is (team name) _______ and that we are ready for our hint. ” The girl replies: The thing that you are looking for happen to be under THOSE chairs stacked near the safeguard.


1 . Visit the Department of Guidance.

2 . Drop the stairs preventing in front of the lockers.

3. A boy wearing a navy blue polo shirt is standing up near the lockers.

Approach him and declare: " We could (team name) _______ and are ready to get our hint. ” The boy responds: The thing that you are looking for is concealed one of THESE unoccupied lockers.


1 . See a third ground, right side.

2 ....

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