Foreshadowing "A Great Man Is not easy to Find"

 Foreshadowing «A Good Guy Is Hard to Find» Essay

Stephanie McCollum

Laurie Webb

ENG 1123

June sixteen, 2011

" A Good Guy Is Hard to Find, ” is actually a story of tragedy in regards to a family arranging a vacation against

the grandmother's better common sense. The grandma wishes for taking a trip to Tn, because of a

convict on the loose. Bailey is definitely planning a trip to Florida even though the grandmother warns him that

the " Misfit” is planning toward Sarasota.

Before their very own long journey to Fl, the Family decides to halt at a diner to eat. During the

check out at the diner, the friends and family discusses the Misfit together with the diner's owner. The diner's owner's better half

expresses her fear of becoming robbed by misfit. After you eat their food and finishing their interactions

the family leaves pertaining to Florida. Beyond Toombsboro the grandmother appreciated an old planting

she when visited once she was young. The lady describes the property and tells them regarding the secret -panel.

The Children have not seen a house with a secret panel and throw suitable to see it. Bailey is not happy to

go to the residence, but the children insist.

The grandmother displays Bailey the trail and this individual turns straight down it. As they were journeying the road,

the grandmother advances as the girl remembered the house is in Tennessee not Atlanta. When the lady jumped

the lady caused Mcneally to lose charge of the car and runs into a ditch. No one in the family members was hurt, but the

vehicle was also damaged drive an automobile leaving the family trapped. The friends and family had no other choice but to sit down

and watch for someone to drive by.

Because they were sitting down on street, they did find a car coming over the slopes. The car stopped at the

accident and out stepped 3 men carrying guns. The grandmother updates that one in the men seem

familiar, but she cannot put it together. As she realizes who he is the grandmother requests him if he is The

Misfit. The Misfit tells the other two men two take Cromwell and his son to the forest. As the grandmother

can be reasoning with, she...

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