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The management research is issues in the company set-up in the business. Including the company chart as well as the qualifications in the people involved. It also determines the type of business ownership. Is actually implies a clear and precise identification of duties and responsibilities, movement of expert and time level necessity. It must be create for ideal effectiveness. Form of Business

Relationship is the provider's form of business. It is a kind of incorporated organizational business since it is a organization of eight (7) people who agreed within a distribution of profits and/or losses and on the magnitude to which every will be liable for the bills of one one more. A alliance permits pass through of salary and deficits directly to the owners. In this manner, they are taxed at each partners' personal duty rate. Desk _

Basic Partners Term


Arai, Yutafe

Dimanalata, Rona

Langalen, Fatima

Lucena, Jerome

Miguel, Vanessa

Valdez, Jayvee

Villanueva, Rhenz Allan


The company's source of fund would be the partner's investment. This will be through the partners' personal savings. The organization will only generate necessary growth if the fund generated by firm is always to finance. The strategy is to follow the classic and conservative way of investment. Partners can invest an amount of 1, 1000, 000. Table _

Standard Partner's Efforts

Name| Capital Investment

Arai, Yutafe| P1, 000, 000

Dimanalata, Rona| P1, 500, 000

Langalen, Fatima| P1, 000, 000

Lucena, Jerome| P1, 1000, 000

Miguel, Vanessa| P1, 000, 1000

Valdez, Jayvee| P1, 1000, 000

Organizational Structure

The business is composed of this: the partners being the highest in the corporation followed by General Manager, Supervision Staff, Operation Manager, Development Manager, and the subordinates in the business follows, including Accounting Officer, Operation/ Sales Personnel, Company Rider, Delivery Man, Utility guys and Security Guard.

Table _

Organizational Structure of HFI in 2013

General Director (1)

Management staff (1)

Production Supervisor (1)

Plant Security Guard (1)

Sales Staff (6)

Company driver & delivery person (2)

Power men (7)

Operating Administrator (1)

Gentleman power Requirements

General Administrator

Job specs

Is liable and in charge of all actions, and presumes complete responsibility for the company as necessary. The general Manager performs to ensure that most activities are consistent with and supportive strategy. Job description

* twenty-five years old and above

5. 4 year course major in management graduate

* Male or female

* five years experience

Administrative Personnel

Job specification

Facilitate all financing procedures, responsible and accountable for almost all financial ventures and funds collection, works on monthly, quarterly, and annually reports according to the firm's financial standing or status. Job description

* 25 years older and above

* 4 year study course major in administration graduate student

* Female or male

* 5 years encounter

Operation Director

Job specs

Preparing program budgets, assisting programs surrounding the company, manipulating the inventory, managing logistic, interviewing candidates and supervising staff. Job information

* twenty-five years old and above

* 4 season course significant in operation graduate

* Female or male

* 5 years experience

Production Director

Job specification

is involved with the planning, coordination and charge of manufacturing techniques. They make certain that goods and services happen to be produced effectively and that the right amount is definitely produced on the right expense and level of quality. Job description

* twenty-five years old and above

2. At least 2 12 months course graduate student

* Male or female

* 5 years experience

Security Guard

Work specification

Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, tourists, and other individuals to guard...

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