Gramàtica Anglès 2n Eso.

 Essay about Gramtica Angls 2n Eso.

Action-word Vocabulary

Frequent Verbs

Infinitiu Listen Research Like Support Shop Live Visit Prepare Walk Stop Play Urgency Land Dance Wash View Celebrate Travel around Decide Bring Dance Clean Discover Speak Plan Put together Rain Passat Listened Researched Liked Helped Shopped Lived Visited Cooked properly Walked Ceased Played Hurried Landed Danced Washed Observed Celebrated Moved Decided Asked Danced Cleaned out Discovered Spoken Planned Well prepared Rained Significat Escoltar Observar Agradar Ajudar Comprar Viure Visitar Cuinar Caminar Inmovilizar Jugar Donar-se pressa Cansarse Ballar Remunerar Mirar Alabar Viatjar Convencer Invitar Ballar Netejar Descobrir Parlar Planejar Preparar Ploure

Irregular Verbs

Infinitiu Think Drink Work Write Notice Come Perform Eat Find Go Understand See Include Ride Go through Sleep Offer Stand Speak Become Hit Sing Become Buy Generate Get Go swimming Say Believed Drank Ran Wrote Observed Came Performed Ate Discovered Went Recognized Saw Had Rode Browse Slept Offered Stood Talked Became Hit Sang Was/Were Bought Made Got Swam Said Passat Significat Meditar Beure Córrer Escriure Escoltar Venir Fer Menjar Trobar Anar Ter o conhecimento de Veure Tenir Montar sobre bici, a cavall... Llegir Dormir Ceder Posar-se dret Parlar Convertir-se Pegar Alabar Ser/estar Comprar Fer/Construir Aconseguir/Arribar Nedar Uns

Future With WILL


I You He Your woman It We You They


I actually You This individual She This We You They


What When ever Where That will How... I actually You He She It We You They


Will go

Refuses to go

Time expressions:

     Tomorrow Soon Later Next year/week/month In 10 years...


We make use of the future with " will” to talk about forecasts and fast decisions.   Will you be a teacher? The Barça will succeed the little league.

Will be able = Can (futur)

Future with: Be Gonna.


I'm going to eat You are eat He She is going to eat It We all You are going to take in They


I'm never going to eat You going to consume He Your woman isn't going to eat This We You going to eat They


When Am I going to consume?...

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