Hi Jack

 Hi Jack port Essay

Today, is definitely the last day,

The last day time I spend with you,

Forever gone you shall be,

Even as depart, the ashes inside the sea.

With any luck , one day you shall keep in mind me,

After your ashes lie down in the ocean,

The waves they smile so unwillingly,

Knowing that you shall be joining them soon.

I represent a juxtaposition of seemingly opposite sights in two poems: The Tide Increases, The Wave Falls, and A Psalm of Lifestyle. In Wave Rises we see the cleansing away of evidence that one has lived and handed this way, however in Psalm of Life, he uses foot styles in the \" sands of time\" which are not washed apart but continue to be to point out to us of big men who passed that way. \" Lives of great males all point out to us / we can make our lives classy / and departing leave behind us as well as footprints in the sands of time.... then this individual tells how these foot prints can lift and elevate a \" forlorn\" brother who may have lost his method. It\'s the case that we each one is just getting through this globe life, as the ages keep coming, all of us will go into obscurity with only the remnants of our having been right here being our name on the grave gun, or a friends and family pedigree data... UNLESS we choose to do something which leaves each of our mark on the world. Publish your book. Paint the pictures. Write your music. If all those arent\' the talents after that write your daily life story. Put it in a book format. Leave a heritage of your life\'s lessons. I had this thing so I won\'t be forgotten. Mine is definitely STRUMMING ON HEART STRINGS: THROUGH DOORS OF JUST ONE WOMAN\'S VOYAGE. My friends, keep footprints that \" the limited waves, using their soft, white colored hands\" cannont \" Efface the footprints in the sands... \" Though we\'re in charge of a brief period, our lives subject. Before the tide\'s soft, white-colored hands start messing with your footprints, determine your legacy... publish your life in to the annals of history, even if it\'s just your loved ones history. You may be the solution of a grandchild or great grandchild. Go through A Psalm of Your life to feel the influence of what...

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