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I complete heartedly express my genuine gratitude to MR. P. K. Singh and to the management of H. Meters. T Equipment Tools Ltd. Ajmer to get providing me the opportunity to experience training in a reputed company like HMT. I am also pleased to Mr. Sevaram who guided me in the foundry. I was also thankful to all the operators of various machines who have provided us with the finest practical expertise while working away at the equipment. This survey preparation is a difficult task without the support & suggestions of Mr. Sushil Kumar & Mr. Preetpal Singh of department of mechanical engineering, I likewise express my own gratitude to them. My spouse and i am equally thankful towards the Chairperson in the Department Physical Engineering and other teaching and non-teaching staff for due guidance and support.

Time: 06-09-2012 Manjeet Kumar

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The industrial trend in the 18-century brought about the upliftment of Science & Technology. The revival of learning revealed a new way of life the earth in various spheres. Since then the industries have made a lot of progress. The industries have made a history in the world and since they are moving on with leaps and bounds. In India, industries during that time had been small types. The Uk were scared that in the event the India come to be aware of " The Know How" of various sectors then the British economy, may have lessened there by bringing about the drop of the British Empire in India. After Freedom India has turned such a remarkable progress inside the industries that it becomes necessary to say that the India intelligence features proved their worth and the labors in addition has contributed a whole lot towards the progress, The Indian Industries are now able to compete in the world. The sectors have helped India to obtain good operate with the other countries and have earned enough foreign exchange presently there by raising the economical standards and making way of India to become self sufficient and self reliant.



The L. M. To. Ajmer previously called while Machine Tools Corporation of India Limited., which was incorporated in January. 1967 to set-up a Grinding Equipment Tools Grow at Ajmer to concentrate on the Makes, development and Marketing an excellent source of precision and sophisticated mincing machine equipment, which are urgently required for the rapidly development national economic system. It was installed as a branch of H. Meters. T. beneath the technical effort with TOS Hitivar, Czechoslovakia. It was starting its creation with a tiny but very versatile widespread tool post Grinder " MTC" Model (ITG-15a) back in 1970. Our factory has been capable to progressively tools like General Tools & Cutter Grinder " MTC" Model (GTC - 28), Crankshaft Mincing " MTC" Model (GCS-500), Vertical Surface Grinder " MTC" Unit (GVS-30), Inner Grinder " MTC" Model (GIF-80) and Center significantly less Grinding Equipment. However it has started the production of centre lathe of various measured also. The H. M. T. Ajmer has its own design & development in which new designs are being development to cover requirements of small scale as well as specialised industries such as Ball & Roller Bearing Industry. Excellent well developed machining and inspecting facilities and a most contemporary Tools place where Lures and fitting and equipment are production to incredibly standards similar with the best lawn mowers of world


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The Unit was established at Ajmer as " MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED. " Federal government of India was starting in January, 1967 together with the collaboration of Czechoslovakian M/s. Skoda export and M/s. WMW, GDR then the East Germany. Intended for the...

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The main source of research for me, at my training period have been the folks here doing work for the company because the company started its creation. They were the sole source of data based on that i have developed the departments section and came to find out about the lacunas existing inside the company. Although presence in the company is website can not be ignored which in turn acts as a very good platform to compare their product range while using other are of the same category. The following are the sources of details:



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