Homegirls analysis

 Homegirls analysis Essay

Paul Swartout


Newspaper 4 Analysis of " Homegirls”

Vocabulary can be the supply of comedy or maybe the source of dread. Language also can help us determine the geological location of a person. Also to go along with this a person's identity is visible through terminology. This concept of identity found through vocabulary, is what we saw in the book Homegirls by Norma Mendoza-Denton. Through this guide she surely could show us the linguistic ethnography of the Sor Juana High School Latina women in a area in North California. Most of the girls your woman documents available are area of the gangs Aspiracion or En deambulant. Sor Juana High School is found in Santa Albumina California and has a Hispanic population of 403, 000 which is 24% of the inhabitants in the region. With the Homegirls book Mendoza-Denton shows all of us concepts of the Latina women's language and exactly how it designs them to the views with the outside market. For this analysis I am going to give attention to the hemispheric localism and Muy Macha, because these concepts displays how language can be stated through body gestures or dental language. Inside the Homegirls publication we see the idea of hemispheric localism. This is the language differences off their citizenship, race, or even the children who talked English as a second language. In the book this definition is given simply by Mendoza-Denton because " the projection of neighborhood-base, spatialized discourses of " turf” with debates over contest, immigration, modern quality and the positive effect. ” (Mendoza-Denton 2008: 4 104) A few examples of this is there language use, performative speech act, where they were coming from, economic location, and community residence. Each one of these examples will be what set each bunch apart in the Homegirls book. They are what give us the ability to see and determine which girls were part of the Septentrion and those that were inside the Sur. The Sur team was made up of Latinos or latinas who had just come to the location from South america or Latina America so they were speaking for the most part simply Spanish...