The right way to Clean the Harman Pf100 Heater

 How to Brush your Harman Pf100 Furnace Study Paper

Tips on how to Clean the Harman PF100 Heater

Here are step-by-step instructions intended for cleaning your Harman PF100 Pellet Furnace. These guidelines are to be employed in conjunction with all the owner's manual that came together with your furnace. For those who have any queries about the procedure please don't hesitate to contact your local approved dealer. To be able to maintain top efficiency it is crucial to clean and vacuum the inside of the heater 3 or 4 occasions per lose season. The furnace is made very easy to clean up and it may take approximately one hour to finish. A thorough cleaning is required at the end of each heating season. Understand that cleaning both your insert and venting strategy is essential. That boosts heat output and keeps the furnace working at maximum efficiency. Various Harman sellers offer total annual cleaning companies for their clients. Please read this entire guide before beginning.


Dust Face mask & Protection Goggles Shop vacuum w/fine dust (HEPA) filter Standard socket set or nut driver arranged Tooth comb 3” to 4” paintbrush Small putty knife Hearth glass clean Paper towels Rubberized gloves (soot really gets into pores) Drop cloth Torch or drop light some in. flexible brush (for venting pipe) Burn container scraper (included w/furnace)


Be sure the furnace is completely away and cool (and unplugged from electrical energy! ). The furnace should be completely out before washing. Every part should be cool to touch, including the pellets that are still left in the burn off pot. Live pellets can be a fire risk – especially if they obtain sucked in a vacuum cleaner. Annually there are stories of house vacuums catching fire simply by inadvertently sucking up warm ashes. More serious still this can be the source of any house flames! Hot ashes should be trapped in a metal container using a tight fitting top. When the ashes are totally out they may be used like a soil conditioner for your grass or garden. Wear a dust cover up! This is important! You foolhardy when it comes to protecting your lungs. Have on a cover up and defensive goggles. Professional chimney sweeps wear both equally while performing cleaning responsibilities.


Start by placing a drop cloth on to the floor in front of your furnace. Alternatively you can use newspaper. Keep your tools on the drop cloth so you can wrap all of them in it and take them outside for cleaning if you are done.


Open the side access door (Fig. 1) and begin simply by removing loose soot debris from within the burn pot. Remove the flame guide and vacuum the ash in the burn container and above the burn weed (Fig. 2).

Fig. two Fig. 1

Fig. several

Clean the burn up pot making use of the scraper supplied (Fig. 3). Use the flat end in the scraper to eliminate the carbon dioxide from the burn off pot. Otherwise use a sludge hammer and an aligned tip mess driver to tap the deposits loose.


You'll now ought to clean ash from inside the burn off pot. Eliminate the clean out menu under the burn pot simply by loosening the two wing nuts holding home plate in place (Fig. 4). You many ought to use pliers to ease the side nuts at first. Vacuum most ash from your burn pot's interior (Fig. 5).

Fig. 6 Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Work with your little finger to brush away any lung burning ash that cannot be reached together with the nozzle in the vacuum (Fig. 6). Following cleaning, make certain the plate is definitely fully shut before hand tightening the wing nuts. (Note: Do not tighten up the wing nuts with pliers. )


Remove the higher baffle menu from the firebox on the wall membrane opposite the burn-pot. To do this, lift the cover platter up regarding 1/2” it will be eliminated for cleaning (Fig. 7). Use the aimed end in the scraper and a clean to clean the warmth exchanger behind the cover, let the ashes fall into the ash griddle. Clean the the rest of the inside of the burn chamber using the scraper, putty knife, brush and vacuum.

Fig. 7

Second Baffle Platter: After all the...

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