Man Rights

 Human Rights Essay

Chloe Levkulich

Dr . Sean Martin

Thinking and Writing

twenty-five July 2013

Proposal to Ensure Safety of American Rights

The American we all need a wakeup call, a call to alter, and a call for action because the entitled, god-given, Constitutional legal rights are at risk. The WNYC, or neighborhood non-profit community radio place for New York City declares, " You cannot find any record showing how many against the law searches occur every year. In a written assertion to WNYC, police spokesman Paul Browne acknowledged that illegal searches do happen, and officials get regimented when the department finds out” (Chang). While the offer shows more action must be taken to prevent violations, like the fourth variation concerning legal search and seizures, in the law enforcement companies. Americans need to remember that as an American citizen entitles them to individual liberties for every guy, woman, and child. These types of freedoms caused our forefathers to uprooted families and migrated into a foreign nation, away from their homeland in England and found what is now the United States of America. Clearly, the men that brought america to in which it is today, gave particular emphasis and focus to preventing dictatorship, which founded the foundation for the American culture. Currently, our constitutional legal rights are getting abused throughout the average American citizen's lack of knowledge pertaining to his / her entitled privileges. An article inside the New York Occasions states, " Only one-third of mature Americans can correctly recognize the Bill of Rights and fewer than 1 in 10 know it was adopted to safeguard them against abuses by Federal Government, a poll revealed today says” (New York Times). Due to this unawareness, citizen's rights will be being used advantage of when ever stopped by police force. While two chief police men and an educated attorney notice the ignorance with the youth, they attempt to influence pre-schoolers in creating " support intended for federal guidelines aimed at broadening early learning programs” (Stevick). They believe " a solid start in the classroom will increase the likelihood the younger generation will stay in school and far from crime. ” Americans have to pride themselves on understanding their rights, and make sure they are common knowledge. Like that, confidence is going to overtake question when becoming questioned by arresting from the law. This kind of document suggests a solution to the problem of ill-informed Americans, concerning their very own rights, by creating a necessary high school school, " Justice”, to be taken during students' junior year of high school. Your class will cover constitutional rights, along with relevant state laws and regulations, since selected laws vary for each point out. If the American people were informed on their legal rights as Americans, the effects will be overwhelmingly positive for the two law enforcers and the common American citizen.

Benefits for law enforcement officials agencies and officers can look forward to include better understanding from citizens concerning the regulation and selected procedures. From their first day of school, American students are taught that ignorance of the law is not a excuse when being imprisoned. " Three of Snohomish County's leading law enforcement market leaders returned to pre-school last week in hopes of taking a nip out of crime”(Stevick). Harmless citizens will know how to deal with the justice system accordingly after this class is in full action, allowing the legal process to be more stable. When an arresting officer scans a citizen' rights, the citizen will be more knowledgeable and able to follow better. Police officers have to go through special learning order to learn the rights of citizens. If perhaps rights of a citizen and police procedure had been already taught in senior high school than law enforcement officials training is going to, in turn, manage to be more thorough and more tough. " Although the action of my officers may have been in compliance with (state legislation concerning arrests without warrants), I do realize that the activities were not on the high level of professionalism My spouse and i...

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