Industralization after city war

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Carol simmons

HIS 105- Contemporary ALL OF US History

Industrialization after the City War


After the Civil War, the us became considerably more industrialized world. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization superior American your life in many ways, modifying it into a modern commercial society nevertheless also produced problems intended for the American people. Three major advancements that contributed to the United States overall economy were the railroads, industrial facilities and migration. Railroads over the industrial trend were good throughout the north and had been supported by the federal government to help build the north into obtaining a prosperous economic system. The railroads made travel of goods and products easy, cheap and reliable. The steel market made the expansion of the railroads possible and by the 1900's, Carnegie made superb contributions to the business world, permitting railroads to connect to seaports, cities and industrial centers. Urbanization and Immigration started around the 1870 and the 1920's. Immigrants migrated to metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago and Boston. About 25 million people moved to the U. S and in addition they contributed to the expansion of the urban centers and fresh technologies. That they worked low- paying stock jobs and overcrowded communities, moving the center class out of their communities (Shultz, 2014). While superb accomplishments came about during this period, in addition, it affected each person like African Americans, Farmers, Children, Ladies and Immigrants. Africa Americans encountered many difficulties in terms of freedom and approval from the aged to the fresh south. In the old southern region, they were slaves working day and night without rights. Following your civil war, during the reconstruction their lives improved, getting freed with rights like the 14th- and 15th changes that naturally them nationality and the directly to vote. In the " New South” their legal rights seemed useless because of the Jim Crow regulations, violence and...

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