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 Essay regarding Interview with Manager

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1Introduction: a couple of

1 . 1Objectives: 3

2Manager of Marketing and Customer Service inside the partnership Uzdrowisko Iwonicz T. A.: three or more

2 . 1Ideal model of manager: 4

installment payments on your 2Key required Marketing and Consumer Service Director: 5

installment payments on your 3Typical day of the week: 5

3Marketing and Customer support organization composition: 6

4Key factors impacting on good group work: six

5Conclusion: six

6Bibliography: 8

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Task Brief:

‘Interview with a Manager'

Introduction to Administration



According to the classification, manager can be described as person in charge of controlling or perhaps administering a company or band of staff. This individual controls the professional and business actions, supervises and monitors people that directly are accountable to him. (No data, Oxford's on-line dictionary). There are many different types of management jobs. Possibly for jobs with related titles, the duties may well change drastically from one company to another. With regards to the size and kind of business, as well as normal work actions may alter. Average responsibilities and obligations involve working with staffing issues such as interviewing potential personnel, as well as rendering or arranging training and development. Administrator is responsible for keeping staff by recruiting, selecting, and teaching employees. Likewise, maintaining a safe, secure, and legal work environment; developing personal growth options, creating friendly atmosphere to makes the business comfortable for team members. My spouse and i interviewed Krzysztof Guzik, Administrator of Marketing and Customer Service. The company which I have choosen can be Polish Uzdrowisko Iwonicz T. A.. In accordance with their established website it truly is first and one of the most popular SPA organization in Biskupiec, poland. Iwonicz-Zdroj is a largest and oldest resort in Podkarpacie region, which will attract interest patients via all over European countries. Medicinal qualities of mineral water occurring presently there, described Wojciech Oczko in 1578. Having been a courtroom physician of Polish California king Stefan Batory. After that persons started to pay attention to the perfect hot tub atmosphere in Iwonicz- Zdroj. In the 17th century the spa facility enjoyed great popularity in the area and over and above (2011, Objectives:

The main mission with the partnership Uzdrowisko Iwonicz S i9000. A. with headquarters in Iwonicz- Zdroj is a intricate spa providers, with treatment conducted on the basis of local raw materials and healing qualities from the environment. Firm is working with the production in the spa organic medicinal resources for customers, spas, and other treatment facilities near your vicinity and in foreign countries. Uzdrowisko Iwonicz is responsible for production unique ecological cosmetics and medicines based on natural raw materials used in the spa treatment. Krzysztof Guzik maintain that beginning of firm dates back to the 1867s, when the method of obtaining iodine and bromine salt were developed and implemented. Iodine and bromine salt via Iwonicz can be described as recognized and certified treatments in rheumatic as well as neurological and orthopaedic diseases. It truly is used in the medicinal bathrooms and wraps. Product Is also used for inhalation in the treatment of air- passages illness. The 2nd traditional medical preparation is a peloid dice, produced underneath the supervision in the pharmaceutical industry. This is especially prepared and is easy use to wraps at home which makes the product really appealing. Iwoniczanka is actually a name of brand for goods made by Uzdrowisko Iwonicz H. A.. Indicate combines above 430 years-experience of using spas natural medicinal supplies from Iwonicz- Zdroj plus the latest successes of cosmetology. This makes Iwoniczanka and Uzdrowisko Iwonicz T. A. seriously desirable brand as well as business. The collaboration includes: Hot tub hospital ‘Excelsior', Sanatorium ‘Pod Jodla', Sanatorium ‘Stare Lazienki', Sanatorium ‘Bialy Orzel', Sanatorium ‘Ustronie', Day spa Sanatorium ‘Number IV', Day spa...

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Uzdrowisko Iwonicz S. A. (2011). Uzdrowisko Iwonicz S. A..[on-line] Offered at: Last accessed seventeenth January 2013.

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