IS3230 Access Security Final Project

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Task schedule brief summary

The project will be a multi-year phased way of have all sites (except JV and SA) on the same hardware and software platforms. Job deliverables

• Solutions to the problems that the specifies location of IDI can be facing • Plans to implement corporate-wide information access methods to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and supply • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in current IDI devices • Treat remote consumer and Site user's safeguarded access requirements • Suggested budget for the project—Hardware simply

• Put together detailed network and configuration diagrams setting out the proposed change • Prepare a five to 10 minute PowerPoint assisted display on significant access control infrastructure, and management elements from every location. Task Guides

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Job Members

Members of the Technology Staff

Goals and Objectives

• initial Objective

To assess the aging infrastructure and then create a multi-year phased approach to have the ability to sites (except for JOINT VENTURE and SA) on the same software and hardware platforms. • 2nd Goal

The key infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, servers and etc. ) must capable of withstanding 15 – 15% growth annually for the next several years having a three-to-four yr phased technology refresh pattern. • 3rd Objective

Solutions to the issues which the specifies site of IDI is facing • fourth Objective

Assessment of pros and cons in current IDI devices • 5th Objective

Addresses remote user and Site user's safeguarded access requirements • sixth Objective

Make detailed network and settings diagrams setting out the recommended change • 7th Objective1

Prepare a your five to 12 minute PowerPoint assisted demonstration on important access control infrastructure, and management aspects from every single location. • 8th Objective

A comprehensive network design that will incorporate most submitted requirements...

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